Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Simple Tips to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Long

Right at the moment you need your laptop for an important meeting, the battery is depleting and you can’t find an adapter to power it. There are ways in which you can stretch your battery power in the short term. To do this, you will need to activate the battery saver mode of the laptop. This will make adjustments to the settings of your laptop and convert the components into low power consuming states so that the battery lasts just a little longer.

Disable what you don’t need

Another step you would need to take is to disable or turn off components you don’t need. Anything that you don’t need like a drive, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth should be turned off to save battery life. You can go to the Device Manager in the Control Panel to do so. Multi-tasking, running many programs simultaneously heaps extra burden on your laptop or PC processor and draws extra power, so try and use one application at a time when you are short on battery life and have no adapter to charge the system.

You should charge batteries only to 80 per cent and then allow them to drain till they reach 40 per cent to prolong battery life by as much as four times. This advice of course has been contradicted because modern-day lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries don’t need you to be as careful. However, you should avoid plugging in at all times with the battery inside because constant power actually eats into the life of your battery, and heat causes cell expansion as well as bubbling.

Other simple tips to keep your battery in a good condition include making sure your laptop has been updated and defragmenting the laptop. Another way to save battery is to use solid-state drive or SSD that uses flash memory rather than a disk that spins. Some really easy solutions are adding some RAM or getting a power pack which can plug into your system much like a charger.

Battery maintenance

Maintenance of your battery is really important, and if your laptop has a battery that can be removed, you should ensure that the battery contacts should not be damaged or get dirty. You would need to clean the battery contacts with some cotton dipped in alcohol. However, if your laptop has a battery that has been sealed, you won’t be able to do the same. If your laptop isn’t in a good condition and you need one for immediate use, you could depend on computer rentals for your needs.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Encrypting Data on Your Computer

Encryption of data has gained importance in the wake of data leaks in top firms and the insecure world we live in. Encryption is not necessarily useful only for companies, it is also beneficial for individuals considering the amount of information we store on the cloud.

If you are using a laptop from a computer rentals firm, encryption becomes all the more important, especially when you use thumb or USB hard drives or use the Internet to share important data related to your research, for instance. Encrypting data on your hard drive is fairly easy; there are some applications that you can enable if your computer has Windows 7 (Enterprise or Ultimate), Pro, Vista or Windows 8 Enterprise version.

Some other applications don’t need your PC to have these requirements; choose one that is ideal. A good open source application allows you to create a ‘disk’ on the computer that feels like a typical disk on the PC. The same applies to the USB or thumb drives too.

VPN is very important

The most important encryption could be when you need to protect incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. This is particularly true if you are using a Wi-Fi network in a public place such as an airport where a hacker can easily hack into data that leaves and enters you laptop. You need a virtual private network or VPN to encrypt your Internet data. The VPN helps create a tunnel that is secure and leads to a trusted server which is a third party one.

If you use a file sharing network, you should know that the service encrypts data you share for you. However, they have the power to decrypt your data as well, under certain circumstances. If you want another layer of protection for your files in the cloud, you could again use an encryption software that can be installed in your cloud service.

Outlook and Office files

Email on your Outlook can be encrypted as well; it is not based on passwords but on receiving digital certificates which decrypt or encrypt messages automatically. Users would need to share these certificates before sharing messages that are encrypted. If you want to send mails that nobody else but your recipient can receive and read, you can use a browser-based application for encryption.

If you Office 2010 or 2013, you can encrypt any document by going to File – Info – Protect Document. Then click on Encrypt with Password. This applies to Excel, PowerPoint or Word. You can use the same method to encrypt your PDFs as well.

Monday, July 28, 2014
Simple, Time-saving Computer Tricks

Looking for some information on a web page and using the downwards arrow that scrolls quite slowly? It is a frustrating experience, but you can avoid it by learning some easy tricks that save both time and energy. How about using the space bar key to scroll through the page faster? If you hold down the shift key with the spacebar, you can scroll up the whole screen with one press.

Search faster

If you need to constantly log into an account, try using a password manager, which completes the details for you. It is also secure and you save time spent trying to key in the username and password. If you searching for something online, and have to type in the search engine’s url each time, you could avoid that and just type the search phrase or term into the browser bar. You automatically get results.

Also, when you need to search for something specific you vaguely remember was published in a website/online news site, you add “site:” to the specific domain, for instance, site:nytimes.com MH17.

If there’s a particular word you need to search on a web page or a document, you need to hit Ctril+F to type the word and you will get the results highlighted. If you tend to work in many programs simultaneously, maximising and minimising windows can waste a lot of time. It also lowers your attention spans, so the solution is to get another monitor.

It instantaneously makes it easy for you to get through your tasks. If you looking for monitors or computers for a business conference, you could always rely on computer rentals for the same.

Managing documents, programs, tabs

If you constantly use the same kind of documents, for instance invoices, you can save a document as a template, (for example, invoice template.docx) and reuse the part you want quickly, even as you save the original. If not, you tend to open a previous file of that kind (the invoice, for instance), edit what you want and then save it with a fresh name. But the trouble is you may accidentally retain details of the previous file in that.

Always make full use of the task bar. It is much easier to start a program that has been pinned to the task bar rather than look for it on the desktop or the start menu. If you have as many as ten tabs in your browser and you only need to focus on one thing at a time, all you need to do is click on the specific tab and drag it. It will get converted into a window of its own.

Thursday, July 24, 2014
How to Deal with an Infected Computer?

People these days do most of their work on laptops and desktops, saving important content and managing tasks. The presence of malicious bugs on your system can be quite strenuous, especially due to the concern of all the valuable information that is stored in the drives.

Things to do when your computer becomes infected

  • As soon as your computer detects malicious content, viruses or spy-ware on your system, the first thing that you need to do is to check if it is really the case. A lot of people end up deleting important files as the safety scanner has erroneously called it malware.
  • When trying to deal with the infection on your own, make sure that you are working in the ‘safe mode’. This is because; you will need the help of Internet to deal with the problem.
  • Have some sort of back-up for all the important files and content that you do not want to lose. This is because; sometimes the system needs to be formatted after the cleaning process is done.
  • Run the anti-virus software that you have installed on your system and get rid of the virus as quickly as possible.
  • However, if you are not sure about the removal of the virus or you feel that the damage has spread, the best thing to do is take your system to a professional computer repair shop.
  • The professionals will be able to heal your computer faster and with more precision. They will help you retrieve the files that have been damaged if possible and protect the rest of the content that has not been damaged by the malicious bugs.
  • Do not share any kind of content from your computer with other computers. Viruses and other malicious bugs are intelligent and have the psychology of real life viruses, and attack other devices as well.

You may feel out-of-depth if you have to send your computer to the repair shop for a few days. Things can come to a standstill, especially if you do not have an extra device to work on. This is where computer rentals can come to your rescue. All you have to do is let the providers know about the kind and type of computer you would like to rent. They also usually offer computers on rent for a single day as well as for  months, depending on your requirement.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Computer hardware manufacturers compete to rapidly reduce the prices of components while increasing performance by storing more and more data. The main aim for any hardware manufacturer is to deliver cheaper and better parts quicker than any of their competitors. Parts that are able to store large amounts of data do not come cheap though.

Cutting costs while improving performance in systems

Computer Ram

Organizations invest lots of money in R&D to develop systems that are able to manage multiple tasks because of higher RAM capacities and more spacious hard drives at the lowest possible costs. One way to decrease costs is to work on economies of scale. Hardware components need not be unique. Processors and microchips are generally the same in shape and size. This makes it possible to manufacture millions of pieces.

The more the number of pieces, the lower is the cost per piece. The issue arises when manufacturers have to change the physical design of parts. Hardware related to the body of laptops and computers must be changed as per design specifications made by companies, so it is not possible to produce a large number of pieces to cut down on rates. In this case, producers have to cut down on material costs.

Changes in sizes of devices

Due to the size of the business, manufacturers are able to buy raw materials in bulk. This helps keep the rates minimal. Though the trend has been the same for the past many years, it looks like preferences in sizes are changing. Earlier, companies would compete to produce the sleekest and smallest designs possible. Now with the introduction of tablets, tabletop PCs and large mobile phones, it seems that manufacturers do not want to continue downsizing their products.

However, it is generally the size of the screen alone that is increasing today. The norm still remains where devices are meant to be very thin. Also, manufacturers are trying to keep the hardware as light as possible. People today prefer to carry their devices with them so that they can work on-the-go. Carrying a heavy product can be inconvenient. Computer rentals allow you to get a feel of products before making purchases.

The future of hardware

In the era of supercomputers and light-speed (literally) information processing systems becoming available, the future of hardware is on shaky grounds. It is difficult to determine what the next trend is going to be. Though performance is one important factor, customers may want changes in design.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Over the past five years, there has been a steady increase in the need for content and social media marketers for businesses. This is because the general public is slowly moving to the online world, where they are connected to the internet on a daily basis. There is a lower dependence on traditional methods of marketing such as TV ads, radio ads and flyers, for certain businesses.

However, buying computers for the sake of social media marketing activities could prove to be a heavy investment. In such cases, renting them out for a cheaper price would be the ideal alternative.. The ever-increasing significance of  social media has prompted marketers to develop a content marketing tool, called Hubspot, to help businesses manage their content marketing campaigns. 

The entire website is dedicated to ensure that businesses can create their own content, as well as the analyze the progress of a campaign by incorporating it all under one roof.

Attracting customers

Firstly, the software is dedicated towards attracting more customers to the business' website and online content. One of the ways that is commonly used to get customers on board is through blogging.

In this software, the business user can create the content of the blog within the tool itself. While creating the blog, the window is split into two, where the left side shows the editing part of the blog and the right side shows the preview page. This makes it easier for bloggers to create the page as they are able to see how it looks through the preview feature. The marketer can also see the preview for any mobile device such as a smartphone, or a tablet.

Social Inbox

A variety of social media marketing techniques have been employed by diffe businesses around the world. In most cases, when the business tries to put itself in the shoes of the customers, it looks like they are talking to a brand that has no personal value.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks that content and social media marketers suffer and why they are not as effective as they should be. Using HubSpot, businesses will be able to go back to their roots, focusing more on the personal relationship between the customer and the business. The software's social inbox allows the business to track and monitor their customers so that they can get in touch with them to communicate problems or feedback.

The analytic aspect about social inbox is that it is able to offer a better insight into the entire interaction history between the business and its customers. The business user will be able to see all the visitors to their site from different social media platforms and how often these visitors are a customer to the business as well.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Searching for a laptop for yourself can be overwhelming with all the options available out there. There are many varieties of laptops like Windows 8 with touchscreen, hybrid laptops, Ultrabooks, Mac notebooks, Chromebooks, and lots of other devices. Given below are a few tips to help you choose the best laptop for your college requirements.

Buy a laptop, not a tablet

Tablets are very alluring owing to their features and low price tags. These portable and long battery life products are quickly overtaking laptops as the preferred devices for many people. For now, however, they are no replacement for the more powerful PCs and notebooks. You cannot multi-task efficiently with a tablet. For instance, you cannot expect to write a 10 page note on your tablet. Tablets are the best secondary devices for students right now.

Avoid Chromebooks

Google, Samsung, HP, and other large manufacturers are offering Chromebooks, or laptops powered by Chrome OS from Google. The Chromebook is optimized for web applications, and shouldn’t be used as your sole device. Chromebooks will present you with too many limitations if you choose it as your sole computer device.

Prefer ultra portable devices

Ultrabooks can be a good choice for you if you want to do away with a 5 pound laptop in your backpack. Same goes for the ultra lightweight Mac notebooks from Apple. You can get the base model of the 3 pound MacBook Air for just about $1,000, and the device will give you battery backup of close to 12 hours. Another lightweight laptop is the Sony VAIO pro, which weighs a mere 2 pounds and is priced similar to MacBook Air.

Buy a Mac if you are okay with the price tag

Apple laptops are, in general, quite expensive. Apple laptops have been found to have the least number of serious problems and require very few repairs, if any. Apple also has a great customer support service that is second to none in the laptop industry. And finally, most of the incompatibility issues between Windows and Mac have all but disappeared. Go for Windows if you are looking for less up front costs and more options, such as touchscreen which is currently unavailable in Apple laptops.

Tips on Buying a New Laptop for College

Go for the best specifications

Inexpensive laptops will probably come with slower processors and limited features. This can affect your gaming, video, other graphics, and multimedia needs. You can go for the recently released Haswell processors from Intel which provides extended battery life without compromising on the speed. You can also go for the cheaper Ivy Bridge processors if battery life isn’t a concern for you. Other features such as 4G compatibility or optical drives are not very important for your college requirements, so you can ignore these features and save yourself some extra bucks. The bottom line here is that the more updated and powerful your notebook is, the less you will need to spend time and money on upgrading the device after a year or so.

Go for touchscreen

Touchscreen isn’t an essential feature, but it is a nice addition if you can get it. Operating systems like Windows 8 can be experienced better with touch capabilities. However, you will still need the trackpad or mouse for more intensive functions. Touchscreens are also most likely to be the future of laptops.

Look for student discounts

Back-to-school discounts are quite common with most retailers. You can also find special student discounts from hardware makers. For instance, Mac laptops come with a $100 gift card from Apple App store if you buy one before the first week of September. You can find discounts through the Internet or by contacting a local computer rental service.

Try paying with Discover or Amex

When paying with your Discover or Amex card, you will automatically get extended warranty for the product you buy. Extended warranties can be quite expensive if you purchase them in addition to your device. You can also find extended warranties in a few places with Visa or Mastercard. Amex is, however, the best card to get extended warranties. It also extends the warranty on refurbished computers and laptops. Generally, you get an extended warranty of 1 year with an Amex card on products with warranty up to 5 years.

Refurbished laptops

You can save lots of money by going for a refurbished laptop. These devices are returned by previous owners and then redone by the manufacturer to make it as good as it was, or even better. The refurbished devices are sold for less than what a new unit costs and many manufacturers have a section on their websites to sell refurbished laptops. When going for heavy priced devices like MacBook Air, first look for refurbished models, which are typically sold for 15-20% less than the marked price.

Friday, July 5, 2013
Beware of the New Zeus Trojans on the Internet

After Microsoft, along with its law enforcement partners, had seized many Zeus command and control (C&C) servers in the March of last year, there was little activity by Zeus for almost a year. But now, the Zeus banking Trojan is back with new capabilities and codes according to researchers at Trend Micro. The virus steals login information from financial websites primarily. Zeus is an information-stealing Trojan that steals login credentials of email and online banking accounts.

Peddling personal and banking information is an extremely profitable business in the underground market according to Jay Yaneza who is a part of Trend Micro’s tech support. He also revealed that older threats such as ZBOT can come back anytime as cyber criminals look at making profit from these.

The newer variant is found to behave differently after infecting the computer than its older versions. The older variants saved configuration file and all the stolen data within a Windows system folder. They would modify the host files in such a way that users would not be able to access sites that dealt with security. The new Zeus Trojans create 2 folders that are named randomly – one for encrypted data and one for malware. The Trojans then send DNS queries to domain names randomly hunting for C&C server. The machine that is infected then gets a list of the sites to look for from the server.

Like always, users must be careful when clicking on links and opening emails. The machines should contain latest operating system updates and good antivirus software. If you are planning to take a machine from a computer rental store, ensure that it has a good antivirus installed to keep your personal data safe.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013
Benefits Offered By Desktop Rentals to Attorneys

A computer has become an essential tool for any law firm, and you can even see lawyers carrying laptops in modern courthouses. Desktops are an affordable option for a cash-strapped, small firm and can easily help in legal accounting and usage of billing software. There are a number of companies that offer desktop rentals, and other types of computer rentals like laptops, tablets, etc.

Ideal features

A desktop should have enough speed and memory to run a law firm’s billing software. It should be able to support the system specifications of an attorney billing and time tracking software package. A desktop should ideally have an internet connection so that it can be accessed from anywhere using a remote access facility offered by desktop software.

Software and Applications

There are numerous general practice and specific practice software applications in the market that cater to attorneys. Software for case management, billing time, contract management, accounting, document automation, and many other uses are in abundance. Applications for specific practices like litigation, conveyance, bankruptcy, immigration, etc. are also available.

Benefits from desktop

Desktops can be used to store huge quantity of information. They help in organizing your data easily. You get access to legal documents and forms at hand, and save on billing time spent searching for information. You can also upload data using cloud computing, or set up a virtual desktop and access information from anywhere. Storing data in one central repository also makes it more secure.

Why rent a desktop?

Using computer rentals is ideal for a law accounting firm because of the support offered by the companies offering these rentals. Companies offer support, maintenance on modules, and regular updates on software in case of rental options. Contact a dealer in attorney desktop rentals to see if this solution is the one your business needs.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Epson's latest printer, Epson WorkForce 845 is a versatile device that is suited well for both medium and large sized offices. It prints a great volume of documents, presentations and photos.

To support the workload, the printer is equipped with several features like Wi-Fi, wired networking and Ethernet. It also allows printing on both sides of the document, an automatic feeder for scanning and a nearly 8-inch touch screen display panel. The standard services of the printer such as printing,scanning,copying and faxing is also performed effectively.

The mobile printing features are seamlessly linked with the cloud printing services of Apple and Google. It is furnished with an iPhone app as well as an Android app, and an ability to issue print orders to the 845 from any Web connected device.

Epson WorkForce 845 is far from being compact, but it's still impressive because it fits in all the extra hardware into a  reasonably sized package.

The controls that help you navigate are seated in the wide panel of 13 inches. The buttons that are not relevant at that instance, are disabled for convenience. The USB port allows printing onto your digital camera. The panel also provides two card slots. You are also provided a driver disc for touching up on your photos.

Wi-Fi connection is made simple with the option of using a USB proxy or a network setup that connects directly from the panel. By using the Wi-Fi connectivity you can avail a range of mobile printing possibilities. The iPrint application for Android and iOS devices allows you to print photos,Web pages and documents from a smart phone. The Connect Email Print app allow you to issue a print order to an e-mail. To learn more about printers with similar impressive features, you can contact us to learn more about our printer rentals.


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