Friday, April 4, 2014
Audio Visual Systems

It is very important to have an audio-visual system to make events lively. Whether it is a party, performance or a show, an audio-visual system can help you in retaining the attention of your audience.

However, there are certain aspects that discourage people from buying a sound system, for example its price. An audio-visual system normally comes with speakers, screen, a mixer and other equipments which eventually, cost a lot. Nevertheless, there is a simple solution to this problem- renting an audio-visual system from a rental company.

Services provided by audio-visual rental companies

As a customer, you have to take note of certain things. You must check the number and types of services offered by your audio-visual system provider. These rental companies offer a lot of equipment at their showroom, so you can make you pick according to your needs and budget.  

The rental companies not only provide the audio-visual equipment to the customers, but also ensure that all the equipment is delivered to the required place in time. In most cases, the rental company will also provide you with a technician who will stay at the event to make sure that all the equipment work well and are connected properly. The technician will also give you a run-through of how the equipment works and how it should be handled.


The best part about renting an audio-visual system is that it is highly cost-effective. If you intend to purchase the equipment, you may have to invest a lot. Once the event gets over, the equipment may be of  no use to you. So, instead of buying the audio-visual system, it is best to rent the equipment from an audio-visual system rental company.

The company will charge you based on the length of the event and the type of equipment that is rented. Different rental charges are applicable based on the systems used. This cost will however, be just a fraction of the total amount, if you were to purchase it. Imagine the amount of money you can save on a long term by renting audio-visual equipment instead of purchasing it and turning it into a dead asset.

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Friday, March 28, 2014
LCD Monitor

Due to the huge dependence on computers these days, people are now finding ways to enhance their overall computer experience. One of these ways include renting out LCD monitors for their CPUs and desktops from computer rental companies. There are many reasons why people are choosing LCD monitors over CRT monitors. Here is a brief overview of LCD monitors and why they are beneficial for individuals and businesses.


LCD or Liquid-Crystal Display monitors are flat panel, electronic displays that uses the light modulating properties of crystals to create high quality visuals. LCDs are commonly used to display arbitrary images which can be hidden or displayed such as digits, 7-segment displays and preset words. These images are made up of a large number of tiny pixels that come  together to create a visual element. LCDs are commonly used in televisions, displays and computer monitors.


The first benefit is that LCD monitors use less energy in comparison to the standard CRT monitors. Due to its low power consumption, LCD monitors are used for battery-powered equipment such as laptops, CPUs and televisions. Most LCD monitors are now built to look smaller and thinner while weighing half as much in comparison to CRT monitors.

This makes it easier for the user to mount the LCD on to a wall or on a desk top with little or no hassle. The liquid-crystals in the monitor produces clear images, which puts less strain on the eyes. Texts and images are displayed much clearly when compared to other monitors.

Popular LCD monitors available for rent

There are a number of LCD monitors made these days with many high-end brands such as Samsung, Apple and HP creating a bulk of them. The HP Pavilion 27xi is one of the most popular LCD monitors used by both businesses and individuals. Its In-Plane Switching and color-rich technology allows the user to view images and texts in high-definition without any distortion or blurs.

The maximum resolution the user can obtain from this monitor is an astonishing 1920x1080, which is not even seen in many television sets these days. Acer's V173 is a sleek, 17-inch LCD monitor that can display images in a 1280x1024 resolution. This particular LCD monitor consumes less energy and takes up only 100V. Its flat panel allows the users to view crystal-clear images without any issues such as blurring or flickering.

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Monday, March 17, 2014
Video Equipment

Many times we need certain video equipment like projectors and laptops for events like seminars, conferences and trade shows among others. Instead of buying these equipment, it is much better to rent them for a short period of time and return them back when they are no longer required.

Renting these devices is an inexpensive and convenient choice that is offered by certain computer rental companies. Here are some of the major benefits of renting video equipment from a computer rental company

Choice of opting for the latest models

Most of the time, the latest models of laptops and PCs won't be available for purchase. However, there is a good chance that these latest devices will be there for the taking if you approach rental service agencies. These agencies provide a comprehensive set of choices and you can test these devices before making a decision on renting them.

Inexpensive and cost effective

These companies offer the customers with a number of choices and those who have a tight budget are likely to have their problem solved with this option. These companies also sometimes offer a discount when you need a lot of devices; in such cases, you can opt for the package that suits your needs.

Technical support available for the usage of the device especially during the time of breakdown

If by any chance you face problems in handling the devices, you will get the required technical support from these rental companies. A lot of renting agencies also offer 24/7 helpline service.

Delivery of the equipment to the place of venue

More often than not, these rental companies will deliver the equipment wherever needed and you do not have to worry about moving these fragile devices. Good transportation service is needed especially in case of transferring equipment like plasma screen and large bass speakers and all this is taken care of by these rental companies.

Expert advice when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your special needs

Many people are clueless about the kind of equipment they will need for their event. However, the rental companies can show you the right way. You just have to tell them some basic information like the size of the audience and the type of venue for which you need the equipment.

You may not get these benefits if you decide to buy these equipment and you may even have to handle the transportation on your own.

Friday, February 28, 2014
Copier Rentals

A copier is perhaps one of the most essential parts of every business. In many cases, such as in small businesses, the copier can be a reason for a huge financial burden. Supply, maintenance and the initial capital involved itself can intimidate most small businesses. The operational costs can further throw your budget way beyond the scope of feasible profits. As a result, leasing or renting a copier can ease up a significant amount of financial burden for small businesses while offering a range of highly attractive benefits.

Minimum capital

Small budgets have a very limited amount of capital at their disposal. As a small business, you must be more focused towards conserving your financial resources and exploring opportunities for your business. Purchases need to be made in a way that the commodities provide an excellent appreciation over a given period of time. On the other hand office technology is something that  loses value over a period of time. So investing on it is not really a great idea for your capital as these investments can clog your line of credit available for business needs as well as reduces your payout. Leasing and renting office supplies such as copiers on the other hand will keep your options open without sacrificing your office needs.


The budget is also a huge concern for small businesses as the capital available itself is very limited. In such a scenario, managing the budget effectively is of prime importance. Renting a copier can help you obtain ample room in your budget to focus more towards the core business development activities. Buying a copier involves making a significant amount of investment in one huge lump. Copier rentals on the other hand allow you to make several smaller payments over a scheduled period of time while prioritizing your financial needs appropriately.


A copy machine is something that depreciates over a time period. As a result, when you purchase a new copier it will instantly begin losing value as and when newer and better technology enters the market until the point where your copier becomes obsolete. So investing in a new copier will only mean that you cannot upgrade your technology quickly. The only way to do this would be to purchase a new copier which may not be a very feasible option. Renting copiers on the other hand will give you the benefits to scale and upgrade with ease. You can scale the technology as per your printing needs and upgrade as and when superior technology surfaces.

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Monday, February 17, 2014
Sound System

As humans, we are drawn to sounds and noises from an early age and as we grow older we become more accustomed to it. Whether it is an event, show, performance or party, it is important to have a good sound system in place to ensure the event or performance goes smoothly. One of the things that will discourage people from buying a sound system is its price.

Sound systems generally come with speakers, a mixer and other supportive equipment that costs a lot. However, there is a solution to this problem - renting a sound system from a sound system rental company. This is a cost-effective solution as you can use the system for the duration you want, rather than investing a huge amount for a brand new system.

Services Provided by the Rental Company

As a customer, the first thing you will notice from your sound system provider is the number of services offered. These service providers keep a lot of equipment at their showroom and warehouse in the wake of an unexpected increase in demand.

These companies have a lot of equipment pieces and tools to get the job done. Apart from providing the equipment to the customer, the rental company will ensure that the equipment is delivered to the place where it is required. On most occasions, the rental company will also send a technician to stay at the event to ensure that the equipment does not get damaged. The technician will also give the customer a run-through of how the equipment works and how it should be properly utilized to prevent any damage.

Cost-effective Solution

The best part about renting a sound system is that it is highly cost-effective. To purchase a brand new system, the customer will have to invest a lot of money. Once the equipment is of no use you will have to sell it off for less. Instead of buying a brand new sound system for a short period of time, it is best to rent the equipment from a sound system rental company.

This company will charge the customer based on the duration of the event or function and the equipment that you want to rent. Based on the equipment that is rented, different rental charges are applied. This cost will be a fraction of the total amount a person will have to spend if he/she purchases a new sound system. This will help the customer save a lot of money.

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Monday, January 27, 2014
Why customers prefer to rent Tablet PCs

Almost two decades ago, a PC was the only device in the world that could sustain multi-tasking functions. Since then, technology companies have created millions of products that have revolutionized the world. From touch screen smartphones to 15-inch tablets, computers have now become one of the most important kinds of equipment on the planet.

There are around one billion people in the world who have access to a computer, which shows the demand for such a machine. This growing demand has prompted technology companies to make a change in the way that computers look and feel by introducing a new line of computers called tablet PCs. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent a tablet PC from a computer rental company.


Tablet PCs can be carried anywhere the user goes. One main difference between carrying a laptop and a tablet PC is that although a laptop is portable, it is difficult for the user to operate it at times while traveling as the screen opens outwards. The tablet PC, on the other hand, has a touchscreen functionality that makes it easier to use it while on the move. Instead of opening the laptop screen in order to use, the user can operate the tablet PC from the surface of the device.


One of the best features about a tablet PC is that it is relatively lighter in comparison to a regular PC. This makes it easier for the user to carry it around wherever he/she goes. It is also created to fit comfortably in the user's hands and is flexible enough to be used even with one hand. The screen rotation feature on the tablet PC allows the user to view the screen from different angles without any disruptions.

Suitable for business professionals

Another feature about a tablet PC is that it is highly suitable for businesses professionals. Tablet PCs have many programs and applications that allow the user to take notes, give presentations and calculate the professional fee to his/her clients. Instead of taking out a pen and paper to write notes at a meeting, the user can input the important points on the tablet PC.

This way, the user does not have to go to the office desktop in order to get a copy of the minutes as the information can be accessed from the portable tablet PC. Tablet PC is among the most complete products in the market today which has made tablet PC rentals quite popular.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

IT plays an important role in the smooth functioning of any business. Companies, small or large, require various forms of IT to operate properly. IT Rental companies help businesses by providing them with a range of IT products such as PCs, laptops, photocopiers, printers and so on.

Every business needs to have an office to handle its administrative part. In order to do so, the business will have to either invest in the equipment itself or rent it out from an IT rental company. Here are some of the reasons why a business requires the services of an IT Rental company.

Reduction in cost

Many large scale companies can afford to purchase equipment in bulk as their revenue is enough to cover the cost. However, small to medium size businesses cannot afford to purchase IT equipment on wholesale. This is where IT Rental companies enter the scene. IT rental companies provide these businesses with any IT equipment they need in exchange for a periodic payment.

The cost that the business incurs every month will be a fraction of the total amount had it purchased the equipment all at once. Hence, IT rental companies provide businesses with a means to reduce their overall costs. Computer rentals are among the popular options that IT rental companies provide.

Industry experience

The technicians who work in these IT rental companies are trained to operate every product that they have at their disposal. Apart from the operational knowledge that these companies possess, each individual member has years of experience in the field. What these IT rental companies do best is that they not only provide the equipment on rent but also have a highly trained staff to service the equipment in case there is any damage or need of repairs/updates. This benefits the business as it is guaranteed high quality service.

Single provider

Instead of businesses going through a number of companies to purchase their IT equipment, an IT rental company will provide all equipment under one roof. This will save the business a lot of time and money in the search for its service provider. IT rental companies have a wide range of IT equipment for the businesses to choose from and the more equipment the businesses take on rent, the more discounts and offers they can avail.

An IT rental company also helps the business in servicing the equipment from time to time and all the warranties as well as service requirements are usually included in the contract agreement that the provider and business enter into.

How Businesses can Benefit from IT Rental Companies
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Monday, January 6, 2014
Printer Rental

Medium to large scale businesses use a lot of paper to print very important documents for reports and other internal management purposes. Most of the employees in the company will have access to a computer and will require printers for their work. Companies that require printers on a large scale would normally have to purchase the many printers at once, but due to the emergence of printer rental companies, that problem has disappeared.

Renting a printer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is an added advantage to a business as it many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of renting a printer from a printer rental company.

Reduces capital expenditure

Companies that have to buy printers for their offices will have to pay a huge sum of money upfront before they can acquire the printer's services. Also, the business will have to worry about maintaining the printer on a regular basis. So, renting from a printer rental company will help reduce the amount that the business would normally have to spend on the bulk order, if they had purchased it.

The business can then create a financial plan to cover up the cost of renting a printer by implementing printer-usage protocols to the employees. The business management will not have to worry about repairing broken or out-of-date printers as the printer rental company will provide the service free of cost in some cases.

Printer anagement

Apart from providing printers to businesses, large or small, these printer rental companies also provide a printer management service to save on printing costs. These companies ensure that they have all the requirements that a business will need to operate a printer. The employees of these companies are also well-versed with all the products that they lease out and know the optimum utilization amount for each piece. These employees can outsource their services to the company so that they can run the printers effectively to reduce costs.

Latest technology

These printer rental companies have one thing in common – they provide the latest models of printers to their customers. This means that businesses can acquire the services of the best possible printers in the market at a fraction of the cost if they were to purchase it. These printer rental companies also ensure that any software or hardware updates required for the printer will be done by them, again, free of cost in some cases.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Computer hardware manufacturers compete to rapidly reduce the prices of components while increasing performance by storing more and more data. The main aim for any hardware manufacturer is to deliver cheaper and better parts quicker than any of their competitors. Parts that are able to store large amounts of data do not come cheap though.

Cutting costs while improving performance in systems

Computer Ram

Organizations invest lots of money in R&D to develop systems that are able to manage multiple tasks because of higher RAM capacities and more spacious hard drives at the lowest possible costs. One way to decrease costs is to work on economies of scale. Hardware components need not be unique. Processors and microchips are generally the same in shape and size. This makes it possible to manufacture millions of pieces.

The more the number of pieces, the lower is the cost per piece. The issue arises when manufacturers have to change the physical design of parts. Hardware related to the body of laptops and computers must be changed as per design specifications made by companies, so it is not possible to produce a large number of pieces to cut down on rates. In this case, producers have to cut down on material costs.

Changes in sizes of devices

Due to the size of the business, manufacturers are able to buy raw materials in bulk. This helps keep the rates minimal. Though the trend has been the same for the past many years, it looks like preferences in sizes are changing. Earlier, companies would compete to produce the sleekest and smallest designs possible. Now with the introduction of tablets, tabletop PCs and large mobile phones, it seems that manufacturers do not want to continue downsizing their products.

However, it is generally the size of the screen alone that is increasing today. The norm still remains where devices are meant to be very thin. Also, manufacturers are trying to keep the hardware as light as possible. People today prefer to carry their devices with them so that they can work on-the-go. Carrying a heavy product can be inconvenient. Computer rentals allow you to get a feel of products before making purchases.

The future of hardware

In the era of supercomputers and light-speed (literally) information processing systems becoming available, the future of hardware is on shaky grounds. It is difficult to determine what the next trend is going to be. Though performance is one important factor, customers may want changes in design.

Monday, November 11, 2013
Renting Computers is a good option for Start up businesses

In this modern day age, there is a lot of dependance on computers to get any job done. Technicians use computers to create software and develop patches, content marketers use them to upload pictures and documents on websites and graphic artists use them to draw and animate pictures.

Almost every business has at least one computer that handles the documentation, archival, and processing of the business' operations. In large multinational companies, nearly every employee has a computer to themselves. Although this is a great way to get work done more quickly, the cost of computers is very high. This is why businesses are turning to computer rental companies to get their desktops and CPUs as it provides many benefits. Here are the benefits of renting computers for start up businesses.

Reduces the cost of investment

Start up companies are small companies that generally do not have that much money invested into the business. There is enough money to run the operations, but not enough to purchase computers to help improve it. So, start up companies should rent computers from computer rental companies so as to reduce the cost that would have spent had they purchased it. Renting a computer is not a huge expenditure and the payments will be made on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This means that the business has enough time to mobilize resources to fund the computers as well as the rest of the business. Instead of spending so much money on computers it is best to rent it out so as to spread the cost of investment evenly over the many months till they have enough resources to making permanent fixtures.

Setup and servicing

Computer rental companies, as a part of their USP, repair and replace the computers that they have given out on rent for free or for a minimum charge depending on the damage that has been caused. They will also ensure that the business does not have to worry about setup costs or installation fees as they will waive it off.

The computer rental company will make sure that their specialist team of technicians will bring the computers to the place of work and will set it up according to the specifications given by the business. All software updates on the computer will be handled by the computer rental company so that the business does not have to worry about doing it themselves.