Thursday, May 8, 2014
The Computer Rental Process

Your business may need to rent computers on short term or long term basis. For all such purposes, you need to understand the process of renting computers from reliable rental companies.

For several kinds of businesses, renting computers is a much more feasible option. Computer rentals can serve various business needs such as:

  • Helping your staff in designing a new contract project.
  • Aiding online training processes for employees where they might need to access a certain software program.
  • Providing the equipment needed for corporate participation in certain events such as trade shows.
  • Minimizing risk in technology investment when the future requirements of the business are not clearly defines or predictable.
  • Experimenting and trying out different equipment prior to making a final purchase.

All computer rental companies provide you with a ‘rental plan’ addressing your various kinds of needs and business objectives. There are options to rent PCs on a ‘per day’, ‘per week’ or even a monthly basis. Good rental companies make sure that they have variety of plans that address the unique needs of different businesses.

Computer rentals made easy

So you have decided to rent computers to meet your various business needs, it is now time to approach a reliable rental company. Go online and research on the various options available and consult somebody who has already rented computers from a credible company and can give you appropriate feedback.

Once you narrow down on a good company, choose the PCs you require for your work and place an order with the rental agent. Your order will then be processed and the PCs/laptops or notebooks will be delivered to the location you have specified to the company at a suitable time.

Most companies assist with you any kind of help that you need with respect to the rented equipment throughout your rental term. You could get it touch with them simply over the phone and they could also send a technician for help if the need arises. In case there is a major glitch in the rented equipment that cannot be fixed, the company will replace the equipment with a new one.

The aim of all rental companies is to enable your business to run smoothly without any disruptions. Today, apart from just computers, you also have the option to rent other related equipment such as projectors, LCD monitors, computer accessories and even PC tablets for your various business needs.

Thursday, February 20, 2014
PC Computer Rentals

Computer rental enables you to use the latest technology when it comes to computers without a huge initial outlay. It works best for those who need computers only for a short period of time. Most of the computer rental companies provide their customers with computers having the latest technology. You even get  the option of updating your computer every twelve months.

Renting a PC from a computer rentals works best for new business owners or new house owners as it helps them start right away with their work. You can choose from various brands ranging from Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell and many more.

Advantages of getting a PC from a computer rental service

Some of the major benefits of opting for a computer rental service are as follows-

End of term options

Many rental companies offer you with a flexible range of end of term options to choose from. As the system becomes obsolete you can exchange it and upgrade to the latest model. If you like the new one, you can go on using it.

You can easily manage your budget

Since there are no deposits or any other additional fees like installation charges, and you will have a choice of either 12, 24 or 36 month period of rental terms, you will know precisely what your monthly costs will be over the period of the term.

Computer loaner

Most computer rental companies will provide you with a replacement equipment within 24 hours if your system needs mending and fixing. So you can go on using your system with minimum interruption.

Tax deductible

Most of the rental service payments are up to cent percent tax deductible in case you are utilizing your equipments for business purposes only. This will make the real cost significantly less than the monthly payments that you might have been required to make otherwise.

Apart from these benefits, you will also get-

  • A fully legal, certified pre-installation of Microsoft operating system and popular software.
  • Pre-configured PCs which can be loaded with customer's in-house software, which will be done by the technical staff of the company.
  • Same day delivery and over-night delivery available on almost all the items including computer peripherals.
  • Testing and installation by authorized engineers and technical experts.
  • Competitive reduced prices on short term PC hire & desktop rental.

This makes it a good deal to get a PC from computer rentals.

Monday, January 27, 2014
Why customers prefer to rent Tablet PCs

Almost two decades ago, a PC was the only device in the world that could sustain multi-tasking functions. Since then, technology companies have created millions of products that have revolutionized the world. From touch screen smartphones to 15-inch tablets, computers have now become one of the most important kinds of equipment on the planet.

There are around one billion people in the world who have access to a computer, which shows the demand for such a machine. This growing demand has prompted technology companies to make a change in the way that computers look and feel by introducing a new line of computers called tablet PCs. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent a tablet PC from a computer rental company.


Tablet PCs can be carried anywhere the user goes. One main difference between carrying a laptop and a tablet PC is that although a laptop is portable, it is difficult for the user to operate it at times while traveling as the screen opens outwards. The tablet PC, on the other hand, has a touchscreen functionality that makes it easier to use it while on the move. Instead of opening the laptop screen in order to use, the user can operate the tablet PC from the surface of the device.


One of the best features about a tablet PC is that it is relatively lighter in comparison to a regular PC. This makes it easier for the user to carry it around wherever he/she goes. It is also created to fit comfortably in the user's hands and is flexible enough to be used even with one hand. The screen rotation feature on the tablet PC allows the user to view the screen from different angles without any disruptions.

Suitable for business professionals

Another feature about a tablet PC is that it is highly suitable for businesses professionals. Tablet PCs have many programs and applications that allow the user to take notes, give presentations and calculate the professional fee to his/her clients. Instead of taking out a pen and paper to write notes at a meeting, the user can input the important points on the tablet PC.

This way, the user does not have to go to the office desktop in order to get a copy of the minutes as the information can be accessed from the portable tablet PC. Tablet PC is among the most complete products in the market today which has made tablet PC rentals quite popular.

Friday, January 17, 2014
Why Customers Prefer to Rent Dell Computers

Dell has been the leader in the computer industry for more than a decade. Their computers are unparalleled and every year they find a new way to better their previous results. This is why they are one of the most trusted computer companies in the world.

The name ‘Dell’ is synonymous with computers all around the globe and whenever a customer has to make a choice of which desktop or laptop to buy, Dell is one of the first few names on that list. Here are a few reasons why you rent a Dell computer from a computer rental company.


In terms of performance, Dell computers are one among of the best in the world. Whenever there is a competition for the best computer, Dell has always featured in the top half of the winners list. Its computers run on Intel Processors which are one of the best processors in the industry.

All Dell computers run on Windows and with the latest Windows 8 in the market, the performance of every laptop has increased dramatically. Dell is known for having the fastest laptop known as the Ultrabook.


One of the clear reasons why everybody chooses a Dell computer over the others is because of its outstanding design. The makers at Dell have taken it upon themselves to make the most creative and contemporary designs for the desktops and laptops. The developers have understood that a large number of computer customers fall between the ages of 20 and 35.

This means that the people who are buying these laptops are generally of a younger age and they have a different sense of style and fashion. Makers at Dell  are aware of this fact and have incorporated it into their products. Dell offers a  wide range of colours to choose from along with different sized laptops too.


This is arguably the main reason why people choose this laptop over any other. There are million customers all across the globe that have a Dell laptops and the reason why they prefer this computer is because they know that it will last for a while.

Dell computers are fitted with the best of technology which adds to its durability and consistency. It has the best batteries and operating systems in the business and with a solid cover, the laptop can last for more than 2-5 years without looking out-dated.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Reasons to Rent a Desktop

A computer is an important tool for a business and an individual. Its multi-tasking function is why many people around the world want to buy one or two of them for their home. The capabilities that a computer has are second to none and it is also one of the reasons why businesses also use its functioning.

Businesses need computers for each of their employees as they help in increasing their productivity. Renting a  desktop from a desktop rental company has many benefits for the user. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent a desktop from a desktop rental company.

Periodic payments

For a businesses, it will be unwise to buy 100-200 computers for their employees at the office. This is because the cost of a desktop is relatively expensive. The price range for a desktop could range from $500-$2000. If the company has to buy the computers in bulk, it will have to shell out a lot of money to do so. This is why businesses prefer to rent a computer from a desktop rental company.

These companies give out their computers to their clients in exchange for a periodic payment. This means that the business will have to pay a fraction of the total cost every week, month or quarter, depending on the terms and conditions that the two parties have agreed to. This will help the business save up a lot of money while having the services of a desktop.

Complimentary services

One of the best parts about renting a desktop from a desktop rental company is that it provides complimentary services to its clients. Some of the services that these companies provide their clients include updating of software, setting up of desktops at the place of work, installation of anti-virus and other useful programs, etc. In order for one desktop rental company to get ahead of the competition in the market, it must provide these services to its customers to gain more potential customers.

Latest desktops

Businesses that wish to rent out the latest desktops in the market can do so as these desktop rental companies provide their clients with the most up-to-date models. Desktop rental companies ensure that they rent out desktops whichdesktops, which are highly rated in the market and have outstanding specifications. This is one of the many ways in which a desktop rental company can lure its target market.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Why computer rental companies are so underrated

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of computer rental services across the world. The are many reasons behind this as renting a computer has a wide range of advantages to both individuals and corporates alike. For those who are unaware of what a computer rental service is, this is what it is.

A computer rental company is one that has a large stock of computers and laptops as its main assets. These computers are then rented out to various customers either individually or in bulk to businesses. The customers then pay the rental company in installments for using the computers on periodical basis, either daily, monthly or quarterly. Here are some of the reasons why these companies are advantageous.

Top of the range models

As part of their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), these computer rental companies take it upon themselves to provide the best computers at affordable rental rates. Customers prefer to have the latest models of laptops and computers and the fact that these companies are renting them out at affordable rates is such a great benefit.

The laptops and computers are properly serviced as well. This means that the computers and laptops that are being rented out have been programmed with the right software and anti-virus protection so that the computer functions properly. These computers also have a quicker processing unit and large hard drive space which is the basic requirement for any customer.

Free servicing

One of the best parts about computer rental companies is that they provide free servicing for their clients. The computers and laptops that are being rented out are given free servicing if anything goes wrong with regard to the hardware or software.

This is mainly because the cost to repair the laptop from an external source will be an additional burden for the computer rental company as well as the company that is repairing it as it is a rented piece. Hence, these computer rental companies ensure that they hire competent technicians to repair the device at any point in time.

Free setup

Companies that buy these computers and laptops in bulk will have to fix the computers in the office, which will take lots of time and money. Computer rental companies come in handy as they will set up the computer network at the office, free of cost. Computer rental companies can also set up wireless internet and manage the company's network at an additional cost though.

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Why Gamers Should Rent the Maingear Shift Super Stock

There are many companies in the world that are creating desktops built to withstand any program that is thrown at it. These companies are also focusing their attention on creating gaming desktops as they know that desktops able to handle high-graphic and visual intense games are the ones that customers will buy. With the global economy going for a twist and many people losing out on jobs, customers who dream of owning a desktop are seeing their chances slip away.

Therefore, when you want to get the best desktop in the market at an affordable rate, why not rent the Maingear Shift Super stock from a computer rental company. Here are some of the reasons why you should.

Build and features

From the outside, the desktop looks like it has eaten its competition to form an intimidating machine. The desktop contains an Intel core i7-3960X Processor which clocks at 4.8GHz and it is also liquid cooled. The desktop packs a mammoth 16GB RAM that is made up of 4GB sticks as well three Radeon HD 7970 Graphic Boards to give users the best experience that you can ever get from a desktop.

Apart from the equipment that make this computer one of the quickest, its 3 TB of space makes it the best solution for your desktop needs. If you are planning on processing very intense visual programs or programs that require high-speeds, this is the system that you should pick and do not even give it a second thought.


Performance is what this computer was built for. Although the asking price for this computer is around $8,000, the quality of performance that it gives is worth every penny. If you require a computer to handle day to day tasks, do not buy this system. If you need it to process video files, use Adobe Photoshop or play high resolution video games, this is the computer for you.  When developers gave Crysis 2 a shot at this desktop, the results were beyond imaginable.

At a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and at regular settings the desktop produced a monumental 95.4 frames per second and at maximum settings, it produced 80.2 frames per second. Any computer that is able to process 60 frames per second and above is a computer that is worth its weight in gold, especially if it gives 30 frames per second extra.

Friday, September 6, 2013
DELL Alienware X51

Video games have been very popular among children and teenagers for almost five decades. Whether it is on the PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo, there is a large community of people who take gaming very seriously. Gaming has evolved over the years and now more people are designing new games each day for different platforms. The PC, however, has always remained the most popular gaming experience for any video game fanatic. The combination of the mouse and keyboard has increased the standard at which new games are made.

New games also require a very a good system for them to work properly. This includes having a good amount of disk space as well as having a video and sound card that can support its graphics. Although the PlayStation and the Xbox have impressive graphics, the feeling of playing on a computer is always preferred.

The question that has dawned upon many gamers is, "which PC can suit all my needs, especially gaming?" There are many computers that are being released almost every month, which makes it harder for people to make the right decision. Also with the popularity of mass multi-player online role games (MMORPG), computers that have a good online connection are more preferred for gamers. Another important feature of a gaming computer is that it must have a good internal cooling system, as most of the time, gamers tend to play for hours, which will undoubtedly heat up the system. This is where computer rentals step in as they allow you to fulfill your gaming needs on a temporary basis. The question is, which one should you go for?  Here are the top 2 gaming computers that are in the market and are recommended by gamers all around the world.

DELL Alienware X51

When a person talks about Alienware, the first thing that comes to their mind is gaming. Owned by Dell, Alienware is tailor-made only for gaming purposes. It has dimensions of 13-inches by 3-inches which is about the right size for a gaming console. The best thing about this computer is that it gives you the option to have a standard front-on speaker setup or you can connect it to a home theater to a get a more realistic effect while gaming. When it comes to performance, this computer manages to do its best in providing a perfect gaming experience.

The PC runs on the Intel i7-4770 processor which helps run multiple applications without any glitches or flaws. This makes it easy for gamers to play any graphic-rich games available at the moment. Even games that require 1920x1080 videos graphics perform seamlessly on the Alienware X51. Even for games that run on a 60fps cap, the X51 manages to always ensure that the cap is always matched allowing gamers to get the high-definition quality that the developers intended when selling their game. This is definitely one of the computers that you should get on rent, if you are into gaming and expect a seamless gaming experience.

Origin Genesis Mach V

If you thought that the specifications in the Alienware were highly impressive, then you have not seen the Origin Genesis. This PC is definitely the best gaming computer in the market as of now. The laptop was bred in the heart of Miami and is here to take gaming to the next level. The PC is stacked with an Intel i7 2600K processor clocking at 5GHz, which is amazing for any computer (average gaming computers – 3.5GHz–4.5GHz). If that does not impress you, then maybe its 12GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz RAM, 1.5KW Silverstone power supply, EK Waterblock liquid cooling solution, three GTX 580 graphic cards (SLI), two 64GB C300 SSDS (RAID 0), a 12x BluRay burner, and the 1 TB WD 7200prm drive (Western Digital) with an already installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) will definitely change your mind.

When it came to rating the PC on its gaming performance, the Origin Genesis created the benchmark which all gaming consoles should be rated against. It had literally scored the highest marks for any gaming computer on the face of the earth. It had absolutely no difficulty in keeping the fps above 50 for any game that had a 1920x1080 resolution making the textures seem almost realistic. In short, there is no game at the moment that the Genesis cannot handle. After critical game reviewers used the Genesis, there was no turning back, with all the reviewers giving zero feedback with regard to improvement.

The Genesis is the gaming computer 'god' and it rightfully comes at the top of the list for the best gaming systems in the world. If you are renting out a computer for the sole purpose of getting the best gaming experience, then you should not even look at any other computer except the Genesis Mach V. The only drawback is, with such high performance, the PC costs close to $6000. This is quite the investment for lifetime tech support and one year hardware guarantee.

Friday, August 23, 2013
Acer’s Predator

Acer and Lenovo have recently released different series of desktops in the multimedia and business categories. Both the series have great specification and promise performance as well as power to users.

Acer Predator AG3-605

Acer’s Predator AG3-605 series laptops are multimedia monsters that have amazing performance, power and audio for movies, games, and much more. These desktops are packed with features such as EAX, Sound Blaster Cinema, Intel Haswell processors, two bays for driver and hardware, two PCIe slots, and GeForce GTX 660 graphics card, among many others. The series starts at $999.

According to the company, the new series offers different models to suit a particular budget and power requirements of users looking for a system coupled with multimedia and gaming needs. With features such as outstanding audio technology and the Haswell processors from Intel, the new Predator series provides gamers and multimedia enthusiasts with a robust computer for experiencing the latest games, movies, and music.

There are a total of five models in this series. The prices of the models range from $999 to $1499. The AG3-605-UR20 is the highest model in this series, and comes with Core i7-4770 Intel quad-core processors, with a speed of 3.4 GHz. Other features include DDR3 RAM of 32 GB, 1.5 GB of GeForce GPU, Blu-ray writer, Ethernet and wireless networking, 3TB of hard disk space, and Windows 8 operating system. There are several ports including HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and the standard audio jacks, among others.

The UR21, which is the lowest of the series, is not as meaty as the UR20. The device comes with Core i5-4430 Intel quad-core processors, speed of 3 GHz, GeForce GTX 660, 2TB of hard disk space, Ethernet and wireless capability, DVD burner, and Windows 8 operating system. The ports are similar to that of the UR20, and both models come with additional SD card and Bluetooth slot.

The Predator series also includes the UR22, which is priced at $1199; the UR23 priced at $1299; and the UR24 priced at $999. The UR 24, in spite of a cheaper price tag, comes with core i7 processors, the same as the premium UR20. The UR24 comes with GeForce 640 GPU, speed at 3.4 GHZ, DDR3 RAM of 12 GB, 2 B of hard disk space, wireless networking, DVD burner, and lots more. The specifications are almost the same as UR 21, except for the CPU, GPU, and the power supply.

Selected models may be fitted with SD card storage of up to 120 GB, and an additional hard drive. The devices are also EAX compliant, have embedded high-definition audio with5.1 surround sound channel, and include Sound Blaster Cinema. Also included is an exclusive headphone cradle which enables music, movie, and game lovers to hang the headset onto the machine directly. This is very neat and frees a lot of space. The AG3-605 models are available with a warranty of one year.

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo ThinkCentre

Lenovo is putting a lot of faith in the concept of smaller enterprise and business PCs, with the launch of four models in its new ThinkCentre series.

The four new desktops are powered with the latest Haswell fourth generation processors from Intel. The new models include the All-in-One ThinkCentre M93z, extra small ThinkCentre M93p, and the E93 tower desktop as well as ThinkCentre M83. The M93p has a lot of power in its small frame. The M93p Tiny doesn’t look larger than a normal optical drive, and still boasts of Core i7 processors from Intel, apart from a 64 GB SSD storage that also comes with an optional SSHD for even more storage.

The compact chassis of the M93p is also packed with VESA mount, which lets users mount the device easily to a wall. This model also includes the Smart Power On feature from Lenovo, which lets the device power up through a wireless or wired keyboard, and comes with ready Citrix. The other model, M93 Small Form Factor Pro, has also been released and offers dual graphics as well as HDD support, minus all the heaviness of having a mini-tower. Both Small Form Factor Pro and Tiny are priced at $719 for the basic version.

Another model is the M93z AIO or All-in-One PC, which comes with 23” HD display. The device also includes an optional 10 point multitouch. The M93AIO comes with Core i7 processors and is primarily built for the business industry. It also includes Intel vPro Technology for security and management from a remote location, Windows 8 certification, and in-built TPM. The M9z starts at $799. The final model is the M83 and E93 Enterprise PCs, available in both SFF and mini-tower. These business desktops include 64 GB SSD, and more SSHD as optional storage. The E93 and the M8 will be priced at $499 and $529 respectively. You can try other desktops from Acer and Lenovo by renting one from a local computer rental agency.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Desktops and Laptops in Today’s World

The desktop computer is all set to be replaced in the next few years by tablets and other smaller devices. By the summer of 2014, the sales of tablets will comfortably overtake those of desktops and laptops. The latest figures from Strategy Analytics of this year’s second quarter confirm the growing sales of tablets, with almost 52 million units sold in the quarter compared with 36 million units sold in the same period last year. Android is currently leading the pack in tablet sales, closely followed by Apple.

While tablets have been consistently increasing their market, PC shipments are seeing a free fall. According to the latest figures from Gartner, only 76 million PC devices were shipped during the past three months. If the growing trend of the tablet and the falling shipments of PCs continue, then tablets will most likely replace personal computers in the next couple of years.

Some experts are of the opinion that customers are inclined towards tablets more and more simply because of the reduced financial constraints that these devices offer, while some other suggest Windows 8’s polarizing effect to be the cause behind this migration.

This doesn’t explain how Apple has still managed to hold its PC sales, even though it sells most of the devices at premium prices. The customers have been using personal computers mainly for connecting to the internet and playing video or audio files, which is done exceptionally well in tablets as well. As such, notebooks and PCs are getting sidelined for tablets and smartphones.

A report by the NPD Group in February this year found that almost one-third of all US customers had left PC devices for tablets and smartphones to browse the web through gaming and social media. A third of the tablet owners confessed to using PCs less and less, especially for browsing.

Another report from Moffet Research suggests that only 20% of tablets sold are specified as 3G or 4GLTE, mobile broadband connection. Out of this, only half of the devices have necessary data plans. Along with this only half this number renews their internet connection after the initial plan gets over. Overall, the report suggests that only 5% of the tablet owners have active internet connections. This indicates that tablets are used not just for browsing alone .

PC vs. Tablets

With the longest decline of PC sales in history going on now, this industry doesn’t have much to brag about. But the PC is far from becoming obsolete. There are many sections of consumers whose particular needs are only catered by the larger and customizable PC and notebook devices. One such section is the college community, which still relies on these bigger and more powerful devices for their various needs.

Personal computers and smartphones are ranked as the top two electronic devices used by college students, with 82% and 80% of students owning these devices respectively. Tablets, however, see ownership among only a fifth of the overall student population.

There are many reasons why college students prefer PCs over tablets. For one, you can’t expect someone to write a 10 page research with his or her tablet. It is just too much work. Students are generally looking for discounted products while shopping for back-to-school items. Notebooks and PCs offer a range of discounts and offers, which make them more attractive to the usually broke college crowd – the students.

Laptops and PC discounts are very common during the summer time, when students are gearing back for their colleges. Companies such as Dell and HP slash the prices of their products by up to $150 during this time. Other devices, such as those from Apple, have slashed the prices by over $200. But this type of education discount is only available for PCs and notebooks and isn’t given on tablets.

Parents, on an average, dole out about $1000 for back-to-school items every year. This spending is higher for college students, which is quite true considering that many of the students are looking for a PC or an ungraded smartphone.

With smartphones and PCs leading the pack as favorites among college students, convenience is another issue which puts tablets behind in the competition. Laptops and PCs can be used to multitask, such as taking notes, listening to music, playing games. Smartphones provide usability in the form of social media updates, apart from communication. These two devices are more than enough for the needs of college students.

Overall, however, tablets will overtake the sale of PCs by next summer. The primary factor for tablet growth has been the emerging markets, where the inexpensive tablets are preferred as first computers, and PC purchase is usually deferred. But for the time being, college communities can prove to be the salvation of personal computers and notebooks. You can rent any PC from your nearest computer rental service.