Friday, January 10, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Rent a Computer

In this modern day age, people depend a great deal on computers to get work done. Even with regard to entertainment, computers provide people around the world a way to relax and enjoy the machine's multitasking functions. As the economy of the world is never stable, it is hard to buy a computer as it requires a lot of financial planning due to its heavy price tag. However, there is way people can still enjoy the services of a computer while playing less than its cost price – By going in for computer rentals.

Computer rental companies provide a unique service where they rent out their computers to the general public at a fixed daily, weekly or monthly rate. All the customer has to do is make the payments on time and the computer is as good as his own. Here are some of the major benefits of renting a computer from a computer rental company.

Cost saving

As mentioned before, renting a computer means that the customer will have to pay a fraction of the cost of a computer at a fixed periodical rate. This means, instead of having to save up money for months on end, a customer can pay a small portion of that amount on a monthly basis and still get the services of a computer. The cost of the machine is spread over a few years which allows the customer to plan his finances more strategically. Buying a computer would require a bulk payment which will put a hole through your wallet while renting it out will help keep the money in the pocket.

Additional services

Apart from renting out various models of computers to the general public at a monthly cost, computer rental companies take it upon themselves to provide additional services as well. These additional services act as the company's USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to attract more customers. Some of the services that these computer rental companies provide include, free software updates and upgrades, free set up of equipment and free servicing.

Latest laptops

When a new laptop enters the market, every person wants to buy it. However, the cost to purchase such a laptop will be really high, which means that it will be difficult for an average person to purchase a laptop. Computer rental companies, on the other hand, rent out the latest computers in the market at an affordable price.

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Monday, January 6, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Printer Rental

Medium to large scale businesses use a lot of paper to print very important documents for reports and other internal management purposes. Most of the employees in the company will have access to a computer and will require printers for their work. Companies that require printers on a large scale would normally have to purchase the many printers at once, but due to the emergence of printer rental companies, that problem has disappeared.

Renting a printer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is an added advantage to a business as it many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of renting a printer from a printer rental company.

Reduces capital expenditure

Companies that have to buy printers for their offices will have to pay a huge sum of money upfront before they can acquire the printer's services. Also, the business will have to worry about maintaining the printer on a regular basis. So, renting from a printer rental company will help reduce the amount that the business would normally have to spend on the bulk order, if they had purchased it.

The business can then create a financial plan to cover up the cost of renting a printer by implementing printer-usage protocols to the employees. The business management will not have to worry about repairing broken or out-of-date printers as the printer rental company will provide the service free of cost in some cases.

Printer anagement

Apart from providing printers to businesses, large or small, these printer rental companies also provide a printer management service to save on printing costs. These companies ensure that they have all the requirements that a business will need to operate a printer. The employees of these companies are also well-versed with all the products that they lease out and know the optimum utilization amount for each piece. These employees can outsource their services to the company so that they can run the printers effectively to reduce costs.

Latest technology

These printer rental companies have one thing in common – they provide the latest models of printers to their customers. This means that businesses can acquire the services of the best possible printers in the market at a fraction of the cost if they were to purchase it. These printer rental companies also ensure that any software or hardware updates required for the printer will be done by them, again, free of cost in some cases.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014
Author: Ken Scott
Reasons to Rent any Toshiba Computer

Over the years, computer manufacturers have increased their production to meet the growing demand for desktops and laptops. The number of computer manufacturers have also increased with many companies investing in the development of better and faster computers. One computer manufacturer that has stood out among the rest is Toshiba. The Japanese technology company has provided its customers with a range of computers and laptops that have won the hearts of many people around the world. Their computers have been rated in the top 10 laptop brands in the world in 2012 and 2013. Here are a few reasons why you should rent a Toshiba computer from a computer rental company.

Quality guaranteed

The first thing that you will notice once you start using a Toshiba laptop is the high quality in design and performance. One of the key characteristics of Toshiba laptops is that it has a unique, sleek design which is great to look at and comfortable to use. Another characteristic that you will find when using the laptop is the speed at which the applications and programs work. This technology company specializes in creating computers that are top of the range and use the latest equipments and software to enhance its performance. This means that you get great value for money when you rent a Toshiba laptop from a computer rental company.

Display and audio

Another feature of Toshiba laptops that has stood out is its display and audio. One of the computers that has stole the show in 2013 has been the Satellite U845W which has a bright display, filled with rich and vibrant colors. When it came to audio, Toshiba's notebooks stunned many critics and reviewers, as the laptops provided robust sound and crystal clear quality. Case in point is the P845t which was equipped with Harmon Speakers with a SRS Premium Sound 3D software which together, makes for a powerful sound.


A person familiar with Toshiba will know that the company spends a lot of time in pre-loading its laptops and computers with a wide range of utilities. These utilities include PC Health Monitor as a diagnostic service and ReelTime, which allows users to access recently opened websites and opened files. Another great utility that is seen in Toshiba products is the Eco Utility, which helps in conserving battery life. The Bulletin Board in the computer's user interface allows you to paste bookmarks and images on to a virtual board.

Thursday, December 26, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Renting Computers in Toronto

In this modern day age, the computer has become an important asset to any individual or business. Its multi-tasking ability is what has attracted so many people from around the world to buy it for such a hefty price. In the business world, there are many companies that require computers for their employees so that they can work on their operations.

These companies will have to make a bulk order so that they can ensure that each employee who requires a computer has one. This will add to their overall cost and it will be a big investment as each computer ranges between $500-$1500. In Toronto, however, there is an option for businesses and individuals which can solve this conundrum and that is through computer rentals. Here are some of the reasons why renting a computer in Toronto is a safe bet.

Reduces cost to the buyer

One of the features of renting a computer through a computer rental company is that the payment structure for the customer is highly flexible. Instead of paying the entire cost of the computer all at once, the customer can choose a periodic plan which allows him/her to break up the cost into several smaller payments. Instead of paying $1,000 for a computer, which will reduce the customer's bank balance dramatically, the customer can pay in weekly, monthly or quarterly installments. The burden of cost is spread over a longer period which is highly advantageous.

Free servicing and set up

Another great feature of renting a computer is that they service and set up the computers at the final destination, free of cost. This is the general USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for computer rental companies in Toronto as it helps in attracting more customer to rent computers from them. The computer rental company will draw up an agreement which will allow the customer free servicing a for at least a year. As the employees of the computer rental company are well-versed with the products that they are offering, they will also set up the computers at the place of work without charge.

Latest models

Finally, these computer rental companies offer their customers with the latest models of computers and laptops in the market. All of the computers that are rented out will be upgraded with the latest software and will be periodically updated by the computer rental company as when required.

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Monday, December 23, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Lenovo Idea Centre B500

Computers have been the biggest craze every since the earliest versions of the product were released over five decades ago. Since then, nearly every individual is after a laptop or a PC in order to stay connected on Facebook, play high-graphic video games and create music on music productions software.

As the years have gone by, many companies that create these computers and laptops are becoming more innovative and creative with their products. One of the products that has really stood out is the Lenovo IdeaCulture B500 all-in one computer. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent this computer from a computer rental company.

What is an All-in One Computer?

Computers these days have grown from wide screens to smaller ones. This is mainly due to the fact that people are more interested in the computers of which are flexible and can be used for many functions. Users of laptops are interested in the product as it provides many services to them. Thus, companies like Lenovo have decided to incorporate the same concept in their All-in one computer desktop.


The screen of the computer is a 23-inch LED Screen with a LED-backlit matte finish. The computer is able to give more than 1920x1080 resolution. The computer runs on an Intel Core 2 Quad Q48900s  and the RAM runs 4GB. The HDD is a whopping 1TB worth of Space.

Users of the laptops will have no hesitation when it comes to running multiple programs at once as the Lenovo IdeaCenter is fitted with six USB ports and a wireless connectivity. One of the drawbacks about the Lenovo All-in Computer is that it will come with the 64-bit Windows Premium edition and not the Windows 8 theme and user interface.


Packing such high performances into one computer is phenomenal. The researchers of the computer have ensured that it delivers the highest quality of service from an electronic device. The computer takes about a minute to boot which is very low and good at the same time. Researchers have tested the computer out by playing high-graphic video games in order to see the frames per second.

Also, in terms of multimedia entertainment for various people's house, the laptop acts as a secondary speaker as it has desktop front-faced JBL speakers which have excellent sound quality. Users of the computer will find the sound clarity much higher than the MSI Wind Top AE2220's speakers.

Friday, December 20, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Computer Laptop Rental

As the years have gone by, computers have become one of the most important pieces of technology in the world. Almost every product and service has a link to a computer or a laptop. This is mainly because the computer can store and process many files as well as archive and organize different documents and presentations at the same time.

Many businesses in the world use computers in order to manage their day to day activities. They provide computers to their employees as it helps in increasing their productivity. This means that computers ensure that employees finish their work more quickly and efficiently.

In the past two years, there has been a growing trend in businesses, wherein they are renting their computers from computer rental companies. These companies provide the businesses with computers and laptops on daily or monthly basis and in turn the businesses pay the company back every week, month or quarter.

One of the key tools for measuring efficiency is the reduction of cost. Here are some of the ways in which renting a computer from a computer laptop rental company has improved the business's efficiency.

Lowers Costs

Every company's management team works day in and day out in order to reduce the cost and expenses of the business. The reason that lowering cost is really important is because businesses can earn more profits and increase their overall share price.

Companies that need a large order of computers for their employees cannot afford to buy all the computers at once. Renting a computer is a periodical payment which means that the company will spend a fraction of the cost every month instead of a bulk purchase. Thus, the management can spread the cost of the computers over the months while getting the same services had they bought it.

Free servicing

One of the biggest USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of these computer rental companies is that they provide various services free of cost in order to attract more customers and clients. Businesses will be able to benefit from this as they can get their laptops and computer repaired without having to shell out a dime.

This means that the company will not have to go to a third party to get its laptops or computers fixed as the computer rental company will provide that service to it. This will also reduce the cost of the business.

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Monday, December 16, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
HP Blackbird – To Rent or not to Rent?

Ever since the first computer was sold in the market around 50 years ago, the computer industry has gone from strength to strength. There are many companies nowadays that are creating computers that are breaking the limits of technology on a daily basis. One of these companies is HP. HP has managed to take a firm grip on the computer industry by creating the most sophisticated and most dynamic computers and laptops in the world. In light of this statement, the company has released another product into the market that looks like it will change the world of computers – the HP Blackbird 002.

This computer desktop is a collaboration between Voodoo PC And HP to create one of the best gaming systems on the planet. The name of the system was taken from a reconnaissance plane called the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. The computer aims at overthrowing Alienware, Falcon and Northwest to be one of the greatest gaming systems in the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should rent this computer if you are die-hard gaming fan.


The design and look of the computer is very intimidating as the black finish and ribbed exterior adds to the futuristic appearance the developers at HP were looking for. Although the front panels are made from plastic, they are still one of the best plastic materials in the market. In comparison to other gaming systems such as the Alienware or the Falcon models, the HP Blackbird looks like a beast. The top case of the desktop has a pop-up media car reader and FireWire and USB ports which can be hidden away when not in use. This is a great way of making the system have a clean appearance. The LED lights inside the system lights up the back panel which makes hooking up a gaming peripheral much easier.


The fact of the matter is that they HP Blackbird is a gaming system. The computer is created and designed for gamers who are enthusiastic about high-speed gaming and excellent graphics. As this computer is one of the best there is, the 115 frames per second at 2560x1600 resolution comes at no surprise. It is the fastest PC when it comes to being a multimedia hotbed as it scored 42 seconds on the Windows Media Encoder test. These features only scratch the surface of why you should rent this computer from a computer rental company.

Thursday, December 12, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Why computer rental companies are so underrated

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the number of computer rental services across the world. The are many reasons behind this as renting a computer has a wide range of advantages to both individuals and corporates alike. For those who are unaware of what a computer rental service is, this is what it is.

A computer rental company is one that has a large stock of computers and laptops as its main assets. These computers are then rented out to various customers either individually or in bulk to businesses. The customers then pay the rental company in installments for using the computers on periodical basis, either daily, monthly or quarterly. Here are some of the reasons why these companies are advantageous.

Top of the range models

As part of their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), these computer rental companies take it upon themselves to provide the best computers at affordable rental rates. Customers prefer to have the latest models of laptops and computers and the fact that these companies are renting them out at affordable rates is such a great benefit.

The laptops and computers are properly serviced as well. This means that the computers and laptops that are being rented out have been programmed with the right software and anti-virus protection so that the computer functions properly. These computers also have a quicker processing unit and large hard drive space which is the basic requirement for any customer.

Free servicing

One of the best parts about computer rental companies is that they provide free servicing for their clients. The computers and laptops that are being rented out are given free servicing if anything goes wrong with regard to the hardware or software.

This is mainly because the cost to repair the laptop from an external source will be an additional burden for the computer rental company as well as the company that is repairing it as it is a rented piece. Hence, these computer rental companies ensure that they hire competent technicians to repair the device at any point in time.

Free setup

Companies that buy these computers and laptops in bulk will have to fix the computers in the office, which will take lots of time and money. Computer rental companies come in handy as they will set up the computer network at the office, free of cost. Computer rental companies can also set up wireless internet and manage the company's network at an additional cost though.

Monday, December 9, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Why You Should Rent the MacBook Pro

Over the past decade, Apple Inc has grown from being an ordinary technology company to the technology company of the world. The company has created and developed products that have revolutionized the industry and have set the standard for laptops, computers, mobile phones and mp3 devices. Although the iPhone and iPad have been stealing the limelight in the recent past, there is one product on Apple’s product line that has been given less attention that it deserves – the MacBook Pro. In this article, we will give you reasons why you should rent the MacBook Pro from a computer rental company.

Build and battery

The first thing that you will experience when you pick up the MacBook Pro is that it is one of the lightest ultrabooks that you will come across. The laptop weighs a stunning 2kgs which is 300 grams lesser than the Dell XPS M1330 even though it had a 6-cell battery that gives the laptop 4 hours of life. The reason that this is a deciding factor is because even with the weight loss, the MacBook Pro still excels when it comes to battery life.

Screen quality

This is arguably the best feature about this laptop. When it comes to screen quality, the MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops in the world. The reason behind this crisp display is the retina display of the MacBook. This makes the text and images on the screen razor sharp and apart from that, the colors are filled with rich bright hues that make every detail seem very accurate. The combination of filters, tight ‘air gap’ and coatings make the laptop one of the best that anyone has seen in a long time. This laptop has definitely set the benchmark for other laptops with regard to screen quality.


Using the MacBook Pro is a great experience as the performance ratings that this laptop has is way above normal. The laptop is fitted with a 2GB GeForce GT 750M, 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM which is more than twice the speed of other ultrabooks out there. When using applications and high graphic consuming games, the laptop is ultra quick. There is no delay with regard to everyday tasks as the quad-core CPU and PCI-e SSD ensures that your laptop experience will never be the same again.

Thursday, December 5, 2013
Author: Ken Scott
Why Gamers Should Rent the Maingear Shift Super Stock

There are many companies in the world that are creating desktops built to withstand any program that is thrown at it. These companies are also focusing their attention on creating gaming desktops as they know that desktops able to handle high-graphic and visual intense games are the ones that customers will buy. With the global economy going for a twist and many people losing out on jobs, customers who dream of owning a desktop are seeing their chances slip away.

Therefore, when you want to get the best desktop in the market at an affordable rate, why not rent the Maingear Shift Super stock from a computer rental company. Here are some of the reasons why you should.

Build and features

From the outside, the desktop looks like it has eaten its competition to form an intimidating machine. The desktop contains an Intel core i7-3960X Processor which clocks at 4.8GHz and it is also liquid cooled. The desktop packs a mammoth 16GB RAM that is made up of 4GB sticks as well three Radeon HD 7970 Graphic Boards to give users the best experience that you can ever get from a desktop.

Apart from the equipment that make this computer one of the quickest, its 3 TB of space makes it the best solution for your desktop needs. If you are planning on processing very intense visual programs or programs that require high-speeds, this is the system that you should pick and do not even give it a second thought.


Performance is what this computer was built for. Although the asking price for this computer is around $8,000, the quality of performance that it gives is worth every penny. If you require a computer to handle day to day tasks, do not buy this system. If you need it to process video files, use Adobe Photoshop or play high resolution video games, this is the computer for you.  When developers gave Crysis 2 a shot at this desktop, the results were beyond imaginable.

At a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels and at regular settings the desktop produced a monumental 95.4 frames per second and at maximum settings, it produced 80.2 frames per second. Any computer that is able to process 60 frames per second and above is a computer that is worth its weight in gold, especially if it gives 30 frames per second extra.