Review of the ‘Sony Vaio Duo 13’

Sony Vaio Duo 13

Sony launched the Vaio Duo 13 as a part of the revamped lineup of Vaio Ultrabooks in the year ending 2013. The predecessor to this device was the Sony Vaio Duo 11 which had failed to impress potential buyers even though it attempted to combine the best of an Ultrabook and a tablet device to create a dynamic yet comfortable device for use.

Benefits of Renting an Audio-visual System

Audio Visual Systems

It is very important to have an audio-visual system to make events lively. Whether it is a party, performance or a show, an audio-visual system can help you in retaining the attention of your audience.

An Overview of LCD Monitors

LCD Monitor

Due to the huge dependence on computers these days, people are now finding ways to enhance their overall computer experience. One of these ways include renting out LCD monitors for their CPUs and desktops from computer rental companies. There are many reasons why people are choosing LCD monitors over CRT monitors. Here is a brief overview of LCD monitors and why they are beneficial for individuals and businesses.

Benefits of Renting Video Equipment

Video Equipment

Many times we need certain video equipment like projectors and laptops for events like seminars, conferences and trade shows among others. Instead of buying these equipment, it is much better to rent them for a short period of time and return them back when they are no longer required.

Renting of Computers in Vancouver


Whenever you plan to start a small business, invariably you will need computers on which your employees can work. Initially, you may find it hard to get the resources to buy the computers. In such case, computer rental companies can help you.

Why Rent or Lease Copiers

Copier Rentals

Benefits of Renting a PC from Computer Rentals

Computer rental enables you to use the latest technology when it comes to computers without a huge initial outlay. It works best for those who need computers only for a short period of time. Most of the computer rental companies provide their customers with computers having the latest technology. You even get  the option of updating your computer every twelve months.

Renting a PC from a computer rentals works best for new business owners or new house owners as it helps them start right away with their work. You can choose from various brands ranging from Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell and many more.

Benefits of Renting a Sound System

Sound System

As humans, we are drawn to sounds and noises from an early age and as we grow older we become more accustomed to it. Whether it is an event, show, performance or party, it is important to have a good sound system in place to ensure the event or performance goes smoothly. One of the things that will discourage people from buying a sound system is its price.

Samsung LCD Monitor Rentals

Samsung LCD Monitor

Many businesses and individuals around the world need a computer to properly function. The capabilities that a computer has is much more than what an average human can process which is why many companies and individuals invest a lot of money into it.


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