How to Deal with an Infected Computer?

How to Deal with an Infected Computer?

People these days do most of their work on laptops and desktops, saving important content and managing tasks. The presence of malicious bugs on your system can be quite strenuous, especially due to the concern of all the valuable information that is stored in the drives.

Printer Rentals for Business Needs

When working in huge multinational companies or when running your own business, we all often face situations when the staff and the equipment, both fall short in terms of productivity. The increasing workload-presentations, documentation and filing,  call for a more flexible and convenient work method.

Review of the Lenovo Yoga 2 11

The Lenovo Yoga 2 11 picks up from the design and build of the bigger IdeaPad Yoga 2 and is the latest convertible laptop offering by the company. The screen resting on a hinge can swing around in four different ways and it also comes with a convenient easy-to-use keyboard. Add to this, a long lasting battery and you have a pretty decent system working for you.

Why You Should Rent an Android Tablet

Android Tablet

Over the past five years, there has been a rise in the number of electronic tablets bought by consumers around the world. Due to its ease of use and multi-tasking features, tablets are now a common household item. For many customers, there is confusion between which tablets to choose – an Android tablet or an iPad. Here are a few reasons why it is a great idea to rent an Android tablet from a computer rental company.

Benefits of Video Wall Rentals for Businesses

Video Wall Rental

Nothing can add life to your indoor business event like a video wall. Video walls can give your event a powerful visual impact and leave a lasting impression on all your delegates. However, video walls comprise of several individual monitors that are configured to function in unison.

Reasons to Rent a Desktop

Reasons to Rent a Desktop

A computer is an important tool for a business and an individual. Its multi-tasking function is why many people around the world want to buy one or two of them for their home. The capabilities that a computer has are second to none and it is also one of the reasons why businesses also use its functioning.

Four Cool Laptops of 2013

With the increasing number of laptops pouring into the market, it becomes a difficult task to pick the right one. Laptop manufacturers continuously create new designs and spruce up old ones in order to stay ahead of the competition. At the consumer level though, it becomes nearly impossible to make a decision about a laptop. Computer devices do not come cheap. Making a large investment like this takes quite a bit of thought.

Renting Computers an Easier Solution for Business Tech Support

Renting Computers Solution Business Tech Support

In most companies, there is a dependence on Tech Support in order to ensure that the systems throughout the organization run smoothly. In order for these companies to function properly, they require a good team of tech support analysts as well as state-of-the-art hardware to execute it.


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