How to Fix a Computer That Won't Turn On

An open computer with wires boards being fixed.

Few computer problems are more vexing than when your computer won’t even start. Often there are hardly any clues and too many reasons why a computer won’t turn on. Add to that the fear that something expensive needs to be replaced and you may rightly feel stressed.

10 Important Things to Consider Before You Buy a Laptop

Laptop Computer

If you’ve decided to buy a new laptop, there are a few things you should keep in mind. By considering the following points carefully, you can decide which laptop will best suit your needs.

The 10 important things to consider before you buy a new laptop are as follows:

The Differences between Hybrid and Convertible Laptops

Convertible laptop

With so many different types of laptop computers on the market, you may be confused about the differences between hybrid and convertible laptop computers and you’re not alone. The terms “hybrid and “convertible” are often used synonymously but they are unique in one main way.

14 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Computer into Something Useful

Old Desktop Computer

A survey by Statistics Canada in 2011 showed that 46 percent of Canadians and 43 percent of Ontarians had e-waste to dispose of. Naturally, since then these figures have only increased, with some statistics stating that as many as 90 percent of Ontarians have out-of-use electronic devices and only about 40 percent recycle these old devices.

Computer Education Helps Improve Student Success

Technology has quickly become a key part of learning in the 21st century. Modern schools are now equipped with computer labs and student laptops. Technology plays a role in every aspect of education as students, teachers and administrators use their computers to gather information, create and express themselves, communicate, work together and track learning outcomes.

Here’s how computer education helps improve student success.

Choose a Computer That Fits Your Needs

How to Buy a Computer

The choice of computer types and styles has exploded in recent years, making buying a new computer a completely different experience than it was even ten years ago. There are many things to consider as you research computers to find one you want at a reasonable price.

Video Editing For Your Business – Start With Camtasia

Video Editing for Your Business

In this day and age, businesses that want to make their mark online must learn how to take advantage of multimedia content. It’s what potential customers are responding to on the Internet, and nothing works better than video because it combines the power of visuals, audio, and storytelling to capture the attention of an individual.

Top 4 Hard Drive Manufacturers

Hard Drive Manufacturers

These days, hard drives are frequently overlooked components of a computer. It may be a combination of the fact that the price per gigabyte has fallen way down and people focusing more on the number crunching and polygon-pushing components such as the processor and video card, but hard drives are still a vital component and they do fail over time, catastrophically at that.


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