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Technologies that Changed Everything We Knew About PCs

The word ‘computer’ refers to a device or person that possesses the capability to compute. The earliest computer was invented a little more than half a century ago. In fact, the term PC or Personal Computer, which we are all used to by now, did not exist until the first home computer hit the commercial markets. Our generation is so… Continue reading Technologies that Changed Everything We Knew About PCs

Five Major New Features Among Those Added to Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure from Microsoft you can use for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partner-hosted datacenters. Recently, five major new features have been added to Microsoft Azure, including some expansions to existing features. These new features and additions are sure to be of interest to… Continue reading Five Major New Features Among Those Added to Microsoft Azure

Digital Storm Vanquish II – A Cheap Gaming Desktop with Solid 3D Performance

Gaming systems are expensive, be it desktops or laptops. It is difficult a find a gaming computer that is good and inexpensive. Digital Storm is a privately owned company in the United States that makes customized laptops and desktops specifically for gaming. The company released their latest custom-designed gaming PC, the Digital Storm Vanquish II, in 2014. It is a… Continue reading Digital Storm Vanquish II – A Cheap Gaming Desktop with Solid 3D Performance

Top Rated Mice for PCs

Different kinds of mice serve different purposes. For instance, ‘Desktop mice’ are designed for standard everyday use. They have the typical left and right buttons and a scroll wheel in the center. Travel mice on the other hand are meant for on-the-road use and are generally quite small, so that they can easily fit inside your laptop bag’s pocket and… Continue reading Top Rated Mice for PCs

The Computer Rental Process

Your business may need to rent computers on short term or long term basis. For all such purposes, you need to understand the process of renting computers from reliable rental companies. For several kinds of businesses, renting computers is a much more feasible option. Computer rentals can serve various business needs such as: Helping your staff in designing a new… Continue reading The Computer Rental Process

Benefits of a Tablet PC

Almost two decades ago, a PC was the only device in the world that could sustain multi-tasking functions. Since then, technology companies have created millions of products that have revolutionized the world. From touch screen smartphones to 15-inch tablets, computers have now become one of the most important kinds of equipment on the planet. There are around one billion people… Continue reading Benefits of a Tablet PC

Reasons to Rent a Desktop

A computer is an important tool for a business and an individual. Its multi-tasking function is why many people around the world want to buy one or two of them for their home. The capabilities that a computer has are second to none and it is also one of the reasons why businesses also use its functioning. Businesses need computers… Continue reading Reasons to Rent a Desktop

Gaming Is the New ‘In-thing’

Video games have been very popular among children and teenagers for almost five decades. Whether it is on the PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo, there is a large community of people who take gaming very seriously. Gaming has evolved over the years and now more people are designing new games each day for different platforms. The PC, however, has always remained… Continue reading Gaming Is the New ‘In-thing’

New Desktops from Acer and Lenovo

Acer and Lenovo have recently released different series of desktops in the multimedia and business categories. Both the series have great specification and promise performance as well as power to users. Acer Predator AG3-605 Acer’s Predator AG3-605 series laptops are multimedia monsters that have amazing performance, power and audio for movies, games, and much more. These desktops are packed with… Continue reading New Desktops from Acer and Lenovo