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Rental Solutions for Android tablet Users

Part of running a successful company is having the right tools to maintain success. Knowing the latest in technology developments helps those in business stay on the cutting edge of success. Many companies choose to rent or lease technology products, gaining the benefit of useful technology without the liability, expense, and maintenance of ownership. Staying current on the latest products… Continue reading Rental Solutions for Android tablet Users

Acer’s Budget Ultraportable TravelMate B (TMB115-MP-C23C) Makes A Mark

If ultraportables have seemed elusively out of reach, Acer’s new machine the TravelMate B also going by the model number TMB115-MP-C23C, may offer some respite. Affordable touch-screen ultraportable Acer’s ultraportable is a laptop that comes at a highly competitive and very affordable $379. This may seem a tad higher than others in the budget segment, but keep in mind that… Continue reading Acer’s Budget Ultraportable TravelMate B (TMB115-MP-C23C) Makes A Mark

Windows 8 Coming to Smaller Touch Devices

Microsoft’s Windows 8 was initially targeted mostly at larger tablets and desktops, including their own RT and Surface machines. But Peter Klein, Microsoft’s CFO, has stated that they are planning to bring the operating system to the small devices market. Rumors have spread that the company would enable their OEM partners to run the Windows 8 OS on smaller tablets… Continue reading Windows 8 Coming to Smaller Touch Devices

Windows 8 on Surface Tablet by Microsoft

Microsoft announced its Surface tablet four months ago, and has now announced a price and date for the RT version of the device, in addition to starting pre-orders. The RT version of the tablet is the “light” version of Windows 8. Set for release on October 26, a Windows 8 Pro version will follow three months later. This Pro version… Continue reading Windows 8 on Surface Tablet by Microsoft

Android Alternatives to iPad Rentals in Education

It’s back to school season, and teachers and administrators may have planned incorporating new technology into the classroom. Devices like the tablet has slowly made its way into education with interactive apps in addition to its e-reading capabilities. They’re used all the way from elementary schools to universities, and have even been found to be exceptionally beneficial for special education… Continue reading Android Alternatives to iPad Rentals in Education

Renting Tablets for Marketing

From iPads to Galaxy Tabs, experiential or field marketers are taking tablets and maximizing the technology to its greatest business potential. What’s more – rentals make it that much easier for these groups to have the latest tablet models when they need it most. There’s no need for a full investment in hardware, just pay for the use when necessary.… Continue reading Renting Tablets for Marketing

Trade Show Displays for iPad Rentals

If you’re planning to use iPads at your next trade show as an interactive tool for potential customers at the event, we can provide you with both. You may have come to us knowing that we supply all three generations of Apple’s iPad in WiFi – only and with 3G/4G LTE capabilities, but we also provide accompanying necessities like kiosk… Continue reading Trade Show Displays for iPad Rentals

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

Dell’s Latitude XT2 Tablet PC Touch Screen Laptop is the industries first tablet PC with multi-touch technology. It is a computer in notebook form that can be switched into a tablet by simply reversing the screen vertically 180 degrees. The look doesn’t fit in with the other dell notebooks. There’s no shiny colours or special media buttons, it’s just simple… Continue reading Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC

HP Photosmart eStation C510

HP has recently come out with a new printer called the Photosmart eStation C510. It is the first of its kind, coming equipped with a detachable 7-inch android tablet. The tablet acts as a control panel for the printer but offers a variety of different functions. The “Zeen” tablet can be used for surfing the web, browsing facebook, and accessing… Continue reading HP Photosmart eStation C510