Computer Rentals for Conferences

Laptops and computer equipment are essential inventory needed during conferences. Whether you are hosting a conference for a 100 people or 1000 people, we can arrange the required number of notebooks, audio-video equipment, computer accessories like printers, headsets etc when you need them. Not only do we provide conference rentals for hire, we also set up the equipment where you want and how you want.

System Setup At the Venue of Your Choice offers a wide range of computer rental solutions to individuals and businesses across Canada. Whether your conference is in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary or Brampton, we will make sure that the computers and other equipment you require for the conference is arranged at the venue on time. We can set up the systems with the necessary software and accessories like headsets and microphones for interactive sessions during the conference.

Even if you are travelling to attend a conference, you can hire a laptop instead of carrying your own. This not only reduces your burden but also removes the risk of loss during transit.

Round-the-Clock Support

Not only do we set up systems and AV equipment at the desired venue, we also provide round the clock technical support to make sure that your conference or meeting goes as smoothly as planned. In case of bulk computer equipment rentals, some of our best technicians will be present at the venue for the entire duration of the events to deal with any technical glitches.

Customized Systems to Meet Your Specific Needs

Not every conference or business event is the same. Different companies have different technical needs during their conferences. Keeping that in mind, we offer computers that are custom-configured to suit specific client requirements. For instance, we can install specific software programs, AV files or slide shows that you want the participants to access.

That is not all. We can provide a wide range of laptop models from different brands like Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and Toshiba as per your requirements. Just tells us what your computing needs are and Computer Rentals will arrange it for you as promised, to make the experience a pleasant one for those who attend it.

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