Apps and Accessories for your iPad Rental

Apps and Accessories for your iPad Rental

Often times, iPad rental is more than just the tablets themselves. Particularly in cases when the iPads are rented for trade shows and events.

Perhaps you require a display for aesthetics as well as security? Or maybe you require a particular app for guest registration, surveys, and audience response?

We provide an all–inclusive iPad rental service to companies throughout Canada that includes a wide variety of peripherals to accommodate your every need.

What kind of accessories?

Displays: We provide stylish displays for those who require a full kiosk stand, or a clear security case and cable to display multiple tablets on one surface area.

Keyboards: Have a lot typing to do? Our Bluetooth keyboard will make transportation easy while also doubling as a slim security case.

Stylus: Sometimes professionals, like those in medicine, prefer to write out their notes long–hand on the tablets. In these cases, we have the option of a stylus that most closely writes and feels like a pen.

Payment Processor: Add a Square credit card reader and accompanying app to your rental and process cash and credit transactions while onsite. This green technology will further email or text the receipt to your customer.

Your Apps: Whatever app you would like to be loaded onto your iPad, we’ll have it ready to use when it is delivered to your site.

Audience Response Software: When you want to get the crowd involved during a large presentation, include ARS (audience response software) and get the audience involved with real–time surveys and analysis.

Providing iPad rentals and beyond

If you can benefit from our comprehensive rental services, all you have to do is fill out the quote form on this page. You can expect a prompt response from a dedicated representative, providing all of the information you request.