10 best Google Chrome Extensions

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Since its initial release in September 2008, Google Chrome has built up a huge user base around the world. As per StatCounter data, this freeware web browser had a 58% share in web browser usage worldwide as of December 2015. This makes it the most-used web browser globally. What is even more remarkable about the Google Chrome journey is that it now comes with thousands (one estimate says there are more than 50,000) of extensions, most of which can be synced not just with the desktop and laptop computers but also with mobile devices.

Easily downloadable from the Chrome Web Store, the vast majority of the extensions are free. But it would pay to be cautious about what you download since these extensions, like all apps, tend to slow down the system. Here is a list of 10 of the best and most useful Google Chrome extensions for you to try out.


This is ideal for those who want different web pages opening through different links without the hassle of managing multiple tabs. OneTab, as the name suggests, compresses all the open tabs into one tab. What makes this a useful extension is that the single compressed tab comes with the facility to enable easy reference to all the original tabs. The web pages and URLs can also be easily shared as this extension facilitates easy export of the tabs into a comprehensive list of the links.

Talking of tabs, there’s another Google Chrome extension called TabCloud, which helps easy saving of open tabs and their import from one desktop to another. It’s managed simply by saving the open tabs to the cloud and then opening one or all of them, as required, on to another desktop. There are a host of other features for ease of convenience in the use of TabCloud.

This one takes the basic functions of Gmail to a new level. With this extension, one can schedule sending of a message or even set up recurring email messages. It also helps in the postponement of emails; that is easily done by pushing an email out of the inbox and setting it to return at a specific time. For subscribers, this service comes with unlimited message credits while the free service allows scheduling of 10 messages a month.

Google Dictionary
Speed is of essence, especially in the midst of urgent work. The Google Dictionary extension makes it easier and faster to find the meaning of a new word, at the click of a button and without opening new links or tabs.

Video Stream
With this extension at hand, there’s no need to use complicated media server software to stream videos directly from the computer to the Chromecast or Android TV. An excellent feature of Video Stream is that it is compatible with a large variety of video formats at full resolution. It also supports subtitles.

For the busy professionals of the day, especially CEOs trying to multi-task a large number of things, Any.do is an ideal partner. It’s a cross-platform that enables syncing of tasks and checklists from all desktops and devices. The result: there is just one comprehensive list of things to do, and of reminders which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This free password manager is a welcome solution for any user seeking a short-cut to remembering the long list of passwords needed for myriad websites. It not only helps remember the passwords but in fact enables the generation of new secure passwords of all the websites that one wants to track.

Just Not Sorry
Now this one is just perfect for busy professionals who want every email from their account to make an impression. It functions by flagging words and phrases which are likely to dilute, if not negate, the impact of the communication.

A computer system is as much about good designs as it is about good content. So if there’s Just Not Sorry to help improve the content of an email, ColorZilla does almost the same kind of work for a graphic designer. It helps in the creation of an exact color match, backed by a host of other useful features, such as palette viewer, gradient generator, etc.

This is a great choice for those wanting to stay focused on their task instead of wasting time on unproductive search. This is an excellent tool to help limit the amount of time spent by a user on time-wasting websites.

These extensions are available online at the Chrome Web Store, which was launched in 2010. They operate, along with applications and browser themes, in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Google Apps Script. Easy to manage (simply by going to chrome://extensions), they can be easily hidden, turned off, repaired in the event of being corrupted, adapted for use on multiple devices and even deleted.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016