Acer to Have 80% of Their Products in The Touchscreen Category

Acer to Launch More Touch-Enabled Devices

Acer expects that almost 80% of the products made by it will use touchscreen capabilities by 2015. The new notebooks and tablets are expected to revive sales for this Taiwanese manufacturer in a computer market that has seen steady decline over the past few years.

Touchscreen devices are touted to form around 30-35% of the total PC and notebook sales in Acer by the end of 2013. This is a 25% increase from the same period during last year. The firm has shipped more than a million tablets in the first quarter of this year and plans to reach a figure of 5-10 million devices by the year end.

Acer hopes that the supply and pricing of touch panels will improve in the coming times and remove the constraints resulting in a boost in the penetration of various touch-sensitive devices.

Sale of touch-sensitive mobile PCs are expected to grow quickly this year. It is also expected that the sales of such PCs will go up to almost 25% of all laptops by the start of 2016, as the prices reduce and Intel makes a greater push in the technology.

Acer has also recently released a slew of new products in the notebook and tablet categories. The new products range in a variety of functionality and features, including both Windows and Android powered devices. You can try products from Acer such as PCs and tablets by renting them from any computer rental service in your neighborhood.

Monday, July 15, 2013