Acer to Position Packard Bell and Gateway as Mid-level Brands

Acer is planning to recognize Packard Bell and Gateway brands which will be used for the entry-level and mid-range product categories. According to JT Wang, the company chairman, another brand, eMachines, will get eliminated. Wang noted that Acer’s shipments in the past were about 80-90% in the entry-level category, and it only had a small number of high-end and mid-range products. Acer is currently planning to bring up its proportion in the high-end segment to more than 10%, and the mid-range products to above 30%, while it will limit entry-level products to about 60% in the coming years.

Packard Bell is mainly projected for the European market. Gateway will get launched in all other markets. Wang also told that the company will get new opportunities with convertible notebooks, and expected that this segment along with tablets will account for about half of Acer’s shipments in coming times. Acer has forecasted a 0-5% growth in the lower margins for shipments of PCs in this quarter, and the company’s ratio of shipments in the two quarters is predicted to reach 45:55. You can rent any of Acer’s products by renting one from a local computer rental service in your area.

In the smartphone category, Acer will be concentrating more on releasing flagship products than releasing a lot of products in short intervals of time. It is also exercising caution in partnering with telecom carriers. According to Wang, smartphone sales of the company had previously hovered around 400,000 units but with flagship models, it is hoping to sell a million units or more.

Acer to Recognize Packard Bell and Gateway Sub-brands
Wednesday, August 7, 2013