Acer Showcases New Desktops with AMD Processors

The personal computer sector looks to be in bad shape with phenomenal sales of ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones, but it hasn’t stopped manufacturers from releasing new products to steer users away from smaller devices. Acer has recently revamped some of its desktop lines by including AMD processors in them.

The Aspire XC and the TC multimedia line of desktops will include the new processors. The Aspire XC105 will be Acer’s compact desktop device. This desktop will have the traditional tower feature and will combine graphics with one among the many CPUs offered on the device. All the models in this range will feature a choice between different processors like Intel Celeron G1610, AMD E1-1200, and Intel PDC G2010. These processors are in addition to the Intel processors, Core i3-2130, Core i3-3220, Corei5-3330, and Core i5-3300. The finishing will also be different with Acer opting for brushed metallic touch instead of the usual black matte finish seen in its other products.

The TC 100/105 from Acer is relatively smaller in size and follows the micro-tower features. The devices will have ports in the front part. Users can opt to boost graphics by going for dedicated graphics cards. The models of both the TC and XC categories will have 16GB RAM, which gives them a significant performance boost. USB 3.0 ports are also included to give better speed to file transfers. You can check out other models from Acer by going to your nearest computer rental service and renting one product.

Acer to Revamp XC and TC devices

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