Acer TravelMate B (TMB115-MP-C23C) – A Touchscreen Ultra-portable Laptop for Basic Users

Acer TravelMate B

If you are a basic laptop user, many of the new laptops and computers can easily overwhelm you with their specifications, features and price. They may provide you with things that you know you do not need and will never use, but will still end up paying for it all. If this is a problem you have faced every time you need to change your laptop, here is some respite. If you are looking for a change, check out the new Acer TravelMate B.

Why the Acer TravelMate B?

The Acer TravelMate B is made keeping in mind the basic laptop user. It is simple, basic and has no frills attached. It is easy-to-use and help you work just about anywhere, be it browsing the internet, writing or editing documents or doing other simple jobs like photo editing. It can be used for both home and office work, as well as for studying. If you are someone who flies frequently and works on flights, this laptop is perfect with its compact size and weight.

A few specifications of the Acer TravelMate:

  • It has a 11.6 inch LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768
  • It comes with an Intel Celeron N2940 processor
  • It has an in-built 500 GB HDD storage capacity
  • It comes with an Intel HD Graphics card
  • It weighs just under 3 lbs
  • It has Ethernet and wi-fi connectivity
  • It has a classy matte black finish
  • Ultra-portable with all the basic ports in place

The specifications are basic, nothing very grand, but will meet all your everyday needs.

Pros and cons of the Acer TravelMate B

Here is a look at what is great and not so good about this laptop. There is not much you can say when it comes to the cons, since it is something very user-specific and is mostly about what you are more comfortable with.


  • Very light and easy to carry around
  • Over 7 hours of battery life with mixed use
  • 10 point touch screen display for under $400
  • Matte texture both on the outside and for the keypad makes it easy to use
  • Great value for money
  • Two year warranty


  • All ports on the back panel, may be difficult to use at times
  • Good only for basic photo editing work
  • Cost slightly higher than competitors, due to a 10-point touch screen

As you can see, the pros of this laptop are many and makes it a great piece of technology to own if you are not looking at playing games with heavy files or doing heavy photo editing work. For all other daily use, be it at home, work or for studies, this ultra-portable laptop works really well.

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