Advantages of Buying a Server over a Desktop Computer

Server over a Desktop Computer

Businesses are often faced with a dilemma of buying the expensive server or an economical and powerful desktop computer. It is always a good idea to get a server, as PCs regardless of how powerful they are, are not designed to meet the challenges faced by a server. If the hefty price tag associated with the server is your major deterrent, you can always opt for economical computer rentals. In fact, most startups and small business are relying heavily on computer rentals to meet their server requirements.

Some of the key points that render servers as a better option compared to a PC are discussed here.


A server is designed to work relentlessly for 24 hours a day. A server is always equipped with an emergency power supply so that the server remains active despite any power outage. A server is designed to survive extreme power outage conditions with additional power supply of 750 watts that ensures that all of its components work efficiently.

A PC, on the other hand, is not meant to work in such harsh conditions. Also, it is designed only to handle a load of up to 500 watts; any additional load can damage the components and a complete functionality may not be achieved.


Electronic components require a large amount of cooling to function smoothly and a server that runs non-stop is equipped with a system that cools all its components but does have power supply as in the case of conventional PC. As a result, PCs often break down or some components may not function at optimum capacity due to in-effective cooling.

There are also several other features that are not available in conventional PCs, such as Disk Subsystem and strength of the server chassis, which are essential to keep the server from getting damaged.

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Friday, December 7, 2012