Advantages of the Ipad2 over the original Ipad

The ipad2 was released in 2011; a year after the original tablet was launched. The tablet is extremely portable and is excellent for music and videos. Its battery lasts much longer than a laptops battery. The Apple ipad2 is an improved version of the original. Ipad sales have rocketed and Ipad rental companies have also become increasing popular.

The ipad2 has a dual-core processor. This works with an A5 chips instead of the A4 that the ipad uses. The system is much faster and multitasking is smoother. This new processor has improved the overall functioning of the device. It has two cameras, one in the front and one behind, with facetime, which enables people to view your surroundings while your video chat with them. This ipad is available in black and white unlike the older version which was available only in black. The ipad2 is 15% lighter and 33% thinner than its original counterpart, making it 8.8mm thin.

Finally, the Ipad2 comes with a smart cover. This cover works in sync with the device. If the cover is opened the ipad comes on and when it is closed the ipad2 goes to sleep. This cover protects your ipad from damage, dust and scratches. It can also double up as a stand and make your ipad hands free to facilitate easy while watching movies and videos. An increasing number of companies are turning to ipad rental agencies for their businesses.

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