Amazon and Skype Unveil New PC Apps and Upgrades

Amazon has launched the Cloud Player for computers, an app which allows users to play all types of music stored with, or purchased from online retailer without having to use any internet browser. The songs, playlists, and albums added to user accounts can be accessed easily with this new app for desktop computers.

Users are allowed to store up to 250 songs in the Cloud Player, beyond which they have to become premium paid customers to listen to more songs. This threshold doesn't take into account the songs bought from the store Amazon MP3 and the AutoRip albums' digital copies.

This Cloud Player may be configured so as to download MP3s automatically, or send new songs to the library in cloud. You can also directly play songs from search results using the “instant search” feature. This app is 31.9 MB in size, and is free for trial.

Skype has recently featured upgrades in the desktop application for Windows devices, and also for the Windows 8 smart phone apps. The version for Windows 8 phones is stalled for now and will release with fixes at some later date. You can check out the previous Skype version by renting any Windows PC from a computer rental service provider.

The desktop app has been upgraded to version 6.3, and there are no new features in this update apart from improved stability and quality of the app. The version for Windows 8 phones gets updated to 2.6 and has fixes that improve chat reliability, better notification reliability, and other small improvements.

New Applications for Desktop Computers
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Monday, June 17, 2013