AMD Unveils New Graphics Card

AMD and MSI Unveil New Products

AMD, in January 2013, had launched the Radeon 8000M HD series of graphic cards that have been received well by audiences looking for better graphics in their systems. The company has again unveiled a new product this year, and this time it is the 8900M series. This series is inspired by the Graphics Core Next architecture from AMD for the desktop replacement-category gaming notebooks.

The 8900M series is a big jump from the 8800M series of cards. The flagship product in the 8900M series – the 8970M – has double the stream processors’ power at 1280 than that of the previous series. Also, the clock speed has been hiked to 850 MHz from 725 MHz and the memory speed has also been bumped a bit to 1.2 GHz. The final effect of this is a 12-54% increase in the game performance than the current champion of mobile speed, NVIDIA’s GTX 680M. The 8970M also gives 4 times the computing power in OpenCL. You can easily power up to 4K in a single screen, and also handle up to 6 different screens when provided with enough ports, with the 8970M.

The 8970M will be released in the GX70 laptops from MSI. This laptop is a 17.3 inch successor to the GX60, and clearly the graphics are the centerpiece of this new laptop. This product is priced at $1,100, and is a fair deal for people who double their laptop as their primary PC for high-resolution gaming. The GX70 can be tried out by renting it from any computer rental service in your area.

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