Are Android Laptops a Possibility?

Microsoft, with its OEM partners, have taken the approach of designing a product which they can successfully dump on the market and still make money out of it. Android laptops offer a compromise in this regard. They can be easily made and will essentially be low-cost devices.

Recently, Samsung had released the ATIV Q. This device is a hybrid that runs on both Windows 8 and Android. Though Android can be a monochronistic, touch-based operating system, it can still be fixed into something more fitting for a bigger device like a laptop. Currently, Intel is working on Android-IA, or Android on Intel Architecture, and an Android x86 project is also taking shape.

Android, in itself, is a normal operating system that allows people the freedom to do what they want. In case of Amazon devices, Google still retains the final say when it comes to selling the devices. As such, Google can easily say ‘no’ to anyone trying to build an Android laptop. This can be a limitation if Google doesn’t allow Android to be incorporated into laptops.

Devices such as the Chromebook offer a great opportunity to test the functionality of Android on laptop devices. This cheap device can be bought or rented from any computer rental agency in your area. The dual operating systems of Windows 8 and Android make it a special device that can potentially help integrate Android in the mainstream laptop market. Other such devices can be expected in the future.

Android in Laptops

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