Apple Unveils Innovative All-in-One iMac Desktop

Apple Unveils Innovative All-in-One iMac Desktop

Last week Apple launched its brand new iPad nicknamed the iPad mini. The new iPad has a screen that spans about 8 inches and is extremely light. During the launch, Apple also unveiled a brand new addition to its range of Macintosh desktops. This one, like the iPad mini, is also sleek, light and comes with a retina display. The PC world has been taken by storm with the new iMac computer. The lighter and thinner version of iMac is likely to get the attention of computer rental services, especially those involved in providing these systems to businesses for trade shows, conferences and marketing events.


The biggest highlight of the new all-in-one iMac is its retina display, which has the capability of reducing reflection by a margin as great as 75% without compensating on the image quality. Apple also proudly claims that every iMac is calibrated with a spectroradiometer to provide an optimum visual experience. In addition to this, the iMac also includes the latest of NVIDIA GeForce processors that improve the performance by over 50%. The new iMac also offers a Fusion Drive option which integrates the plus points of a flash drive and a hard drive for improved performance.

The new iMac is about 40% thinner than its predecessors and is about 7 pounds lighter. It also has several beneficial features such as the retina display and the Fusion Drive option, which combines the benefits of a hard drive and a flash drive. Speculations are also being made about how the new and innovative iMac can make an impact at trade shows and business expos.

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