Apple’s New Music Streaming Service

Apple Plans to Make It Big with Music Streaming Service

Apple has decided to focus on its music streaming service and revamp the way it sells mobile ads to assist businesses that are eager to connect with new customers when they play songs.

Sales staff and engineers at Apple’s ad business, iAd, have been given charge of supporting this new service, which has been launched at the annual developer’s conference of Apple. Sources close to the project have revealed that the music service won’t be fully operational before the end of 2013. The launch of the music streaming service has coincided with the release of iOS 7 from Apple, which is an operating system to be used for mobile devices.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, has been shifting the company’s approach to courting advertisers after being unable to get close to Google in the mobile ad market in the United States, which is pegged at more than $4-billion.

Apple is seeking to have big brands in its new streaming service, similar to the business model that is used by Pandora Media. This involves scaling back the company’s role as the network which puts marketing messages in the software from the Apple App Store. Among companies in talks with Apple regarding their involvement in the music service is the Omnicom Group’s OMD, which wants to secure the brands that will work on campaigns in the radio service. You can try Apple products by renting one from a computer rental service provider in your locality.

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