Benefits of ARM Based PCs

Advantages of ARM based PCs

ARM chips made by ARM Holdings are the future of the computer technology. These chips are currently being used in almost all of the world's tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The rumor mills are running wild with stories that talk about Apple switching to ARM based processors in its notebook range and the announcement made by Microsoft about porting Windows 8 to ARM based processors to have a single mobile and desktop version of the OS. With all this noise being made about ARM chip, here are some of the benefits of an ARM based PC over your traditional Intel or AMD processor.

Prolonged battery life

The ARM chips are highly energy-efficient, and run on a very small amount of power. This leads to extended battery life. The battery life can be enhanced up to about 10 times when compared to its x86 counterpart that is simply not meant to perform without consuming power.

Cost-effective ARM chips

ARM Holdings does not make their own ARM chips. Instead, they only design the chips and license them to third parties for manufacturing. As a result, there are a large number of companies manufacturing ARM chips. This means that the competition to capture the market is intense, and as a result, prices will be slashed down to a great extent for the benefit of the consumers.

Fewer Viruses

The architectures used for ARM and x86 chips are completely different. As a result, consumers using the ARM version of Windows will have to install software that is compatible with the new architecture. This means that the new ARM based PCs will be better guarded against all malware attacks targeted at x86, at least for the time being.

It is not yet clear if an ARM based PC would be an ideal choice for your personal or your business needs. But you can certainly test an ARM based PC by going for a suitable computer rental, and check if it meets your demands.

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Friday, March 15, 2013