The Best Computer for Graphic Artists

27-inch iMac

Art is something that was always associated with a canvas, pastels, and loads of paint. With the advancement of technology, there is no fixed definition as to where art can be limited to. Graffiti, canvas painting, and graphic designing are the top three mediums in which artists express themselves. The graphic designing segment is a concept that has recently been a very popular trend among artists as they can achieve artistic depth with computers and laptops than with a paintbrush. This is mainly due to the new programs that are being used, which gives the artist an unlimited selection of colors, effects and also the ability to zoom into the image to alter the finer details of their masterpiece.

The problem that most graphic designers face is that they are not able to get a system that can match the graphic quality that is required to get the results that they expect. With many companies coming up with new computers every month or two, it is really hard to figure out which computer is suited for the graphic designer’s needs. Even those who are planning on renting out a computer for the sole purpose of getting their graphic design work done should read what follows as these are the top two computers for graphic designers in the world.

The 27-inch iMac

Apple has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world today. It has been reflected in their financial statements and sales revenues, and the fact that they are always able to deliver the best quality products time and time again is astonishing. Since the first few Macintosh desktops were released, Apple has come up with newer and better products that pushed technology to the limits and this is with regard to its 27-inch iMac. This desktop is the epitome of design and technology, combining Apple’s high-end operating system with top-quality hardware, making it one of the best desktop computers in the world.

The reason why this laptop is great for graphic designers is because it manages to provide everything which is required for a good graphic computer. The first box is the picture resolution. The iMac has an LED-backlit display along with an IPS technology that gives a pixel resolution of an astounding 2560×1440. This is highly effective for designers who like to make their projects detailed and lifelike. Apple has managed to eliminate the 2mm gap between the LCD and the covering so as to minimize any reflections from inside the glass.

The desktop also has an Intel HD graphics 4000 that makes this computer suitable for graphic designer programs like Adobe and Maya. The iMac also has a turbo booster feature that amplifies its 3.4GHz Core i7 processor to clock speeds of 3.9GHz. The desktop also runs at 8GB RAM which makes it easier for computer graphic designers to render their projects much quickly than with other computers. This an amazing computer rental option for graphic designers

Dell T7500 Precision Desktop

Another company that will give Apple a run for its money is Dell. Dell, over the years, has managed to set a benchmark for laptops and computers around the world. Most of the big corporates use a Dell desktop as it runs smoothly and quickly, so that their business does not lose out because of slow desktops. Dell is also used by many graphic designers around the world as it is believed that it is because it runs under Windows operating software there are lesser glitches and flaws when running high-end graphic programs.

The T7500 is Dell’s flagship desktop having an Intel 4 core processor that runs at close to 1.6GHz per core processor. The T7500 also has a 256MD ATI FireMV 2260 Graphic card and an 1100 watt 85PLUS Power Factor Correcting power supply which will definitely give you high electric bills but it will also ensure that you do not lose out on information while working. The desktop runs on a 6GB RAM which is an ideal speed for any graphic designer, as it is required to run graphic-rich designer applications like Adobe and Maya. The desktop has an internal memory storage of 250 GB which is good for any computer designer as the files they process are around 1-2GB minimum.

These two desktops are the top-ranged computers in the market as of now. Graphic designers are always partial to either Dell or Mac as they are trusted to deliver desktops that can manage the graphic quality that designers need for their projects. The desktops are highly rated among expert reviewers across different technology rating companies are is also highly recommended by graphic designers through user reviews. If you are planning on getting a computer on rent for your graphic design needs, then you need not look further as the iMac and the Dell T7500 are the computers suitable for you.

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