Building a Value-for-money Custom Gaming PC

Building a computer on your own and then displaying it for all to see is a very satisfying process. Modern trends seem to obscure the need for custom-built PCs, but gaming is always a reason to look for a good-quality desktop. And you can have a desktop without spending unreasonable amounts of money.

The first step of the process is analyzing the parts available and selecting the right combination that will help you stay on a budget while not sacrificing too much on performance. When looking for processors, check out ones with high-end CPU architectures with a slightly lower power than the expensive model. It's also vital to get a motherboard that will withstand the added stress your processor will inflict on it while gaming. Asus P8P67 Pro is the best in overclocking during gaming.

While there are technical differences, most AMD and Nvidia have competing products in the graphics card market. The Radeon HD 690 or the GTX 560 Ti is the ideal for your product. When it comes to the memory market, you can easily get hold of a 16GB RAM without breaking the bank. Corsair's Vengeance series is both physically as well as performance-wise quite impressive. For storage, you can buy a hard disk drive or a solid state drive. SSDs from Samsung and HDDs from WD are the market leaders.

Now, all you need is a decent power supply unit and a good case. If you need it, you could include an optical drive too. This way of selecting will allow you to keep the costs below $1000. Once the parts are obtained, it is assembled and the OS is installed before you can start gaming on it. You can obviously experience gaming through computer rentals with similar specs. But nothing can the beat the satisfaction of experiencing gaming on a PC you assemble by yourself.

Experience Gaming with a PC on a Budget
Tuesday, April 23, 2013