Tuesday, September 30, 2014
PC Monitors

The monitor is one of the most important components of your PC as you are going to stare at it all day, especially if you spend a lot of time on the computer at work or at home. Investing in a is very good screen important, all the more so if you are into graphics, art or designing. Often, when you go to a computer monitor rentals service or a shop to get yourself a PC, the monitor is the last thing on your mind. You can change that with these tips on how to go about choosing the right one.

Resolution and size

Decide if you want a huge screen for your desk or a small one. If you do a lot of design work, maybe you could opt for a 27” one. Sometimes, you may need two small ones. Once you have decided on the size, you should pay attention to the resolution of the screen. Greater the pixels, greater the detail. Gone are the days of the 1080p HD. You could look at 1920x1200 for a wide screen and 3840x2160 for ultra HD.

The higher resolutions will help you stream HD films, Blu-rays and are a boon for video or photography specialists. The same applies to gamers as well. An LCD is at its sharpest display when it has a resolution in the range of 1440x900 for a 19” monitor, 1680x1050 for a 22” screen and 1920x1200 for a 24” monitor. For a 27”, the resolution would be 2560x2440. You should decide on what you want, depending on your needs.


The widely used panel varieties in monitors are TN or twisted nematic, PVA or patterned vertical alignment and S-PVA which is super PVA, MVA or multi-domain vertical alignment and IPS, which is in-plane switching. Most displays use TN panels as it is among the least expensive types. But in recent times, IPS and MVA monitors are also gaining popularity.

What else to look for

  • Pay attention to how the different colors in a digital photo you are familiar with look on the screen. This ensures that you pick a monitor with good color display.
  • You should also look at the screen from different angles to check if colors change or if the screen becomes dark. Ideally, colors and the brightness levels should not change from any side.
  • Glossy screens can enhance contrast in games and movies, but if you don’t like the high level of reflectiveness, you could opt for matte.
  • If your monitor displays black well, it is a good one. No monitor can display real black, but the closer to black the better, without losing out on details of a picture or scene.
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smart TV Alliance

The Smart TV Alliance, originally started by LG Electronics and TP Vision, has introduced several new manufacturers into its group.

LG started the organization last June to bring together tech players in the smart TV arena in an effort to create a common approach to the technology that will inevitably aid developers in building apps that can streamline performance across any smart TV, any platform. Toshiba joined shortly after the launch.

The latest members to join the Alliance are smart TV hardware manufacturers Qualcomm and MStar, and web browser and app developer Obigo. YuMe, video advertising software and services provider, also joined the organization.

The President of the Smart TV Alliance, Richard Choi of LG Electronics, said in a statement following the additions: “The expanding membership of the Smart TV Alliance is clear indication that these companies recognize the value of this Alliance. This is an industry coming together to solve a common problem, which has clear benefits for the consumer. The diversity of the Smart TV Alliance is reassuring because it shows that this is an industry movement, not just an initiative from TV manufacturers.”

The new organization is expected to release specifications for version 2.0 of a free software development kit (SDK) in addition to the SDK tool itself, developed by the group, by the end of the year.

To learn more about renting Smart TV monitors when you have a need for 3D, touch screen or displays with Wi-Fi connectivity, just request a quote to see how our inventory can match your rental requirements.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
65-Inch Samsung LCD Rental

Use touch screen technology to enhance your next event using a large format display like the Samsung 650 TS.

This model provides 65-inches of high definition, dually acting as an interactive whiteboard solution. Viewers can watch streaming multimedia and demonstrations through 170-degree viewing angle, and its slim design takes up less space when mounted in your display area. With a HDMI input, you also have the connectivity options to hook up the compatible device of your choice.

 E-boards like the 650 TS are used for corporate meetings, classrooms and trade shows. In many of these cases, the need is temporary and renting is the best choice. That’s where we can help.

Whether you are an event planner gathering information for a client, or are planning your own company’s technological needs for an upcoming project, just fill out a quote request to have a representative provide you with the information you seek to make the best choice for your needs.


Highlighted Features

  • Display Size: 65-inches
  • HD Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000: 1
  • Brightness: 510 cd/sq m
  • HDMI Input: 1

To learn more about renting Samsung LCD displays, or other plasma and LED options for short-term use, just contact us to learn more.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

NEC MultiSync PA271W is a 27 inch monitor that can be tilted back up to 30 degrees. This LCD monitor which is 25.4 inch wide, 9.8 inch deep, and 15.7 inch high, weighs 33 pounds. The foot stand of this monitor is 9.2 inch deep and 12.2 inch wide. The screen height of this device can be adjusted to suit to your needs. The screen swivels right and left up to 45 degrees and pivots to the right up to 90 degrees. There is also a carrying handle for the monitor, making it easy for users to conveniently move it when necessary. The screen offers 2,560 x 1,440 megapixel display resolution. The aspect ratio of this monitor is 16:9.

The onscreen display array of the monitor has several control buttons like menu, PIP, input, up and down, and right and left. The interface includes controls for sharpness, brightness, black level, aspect ratio, and eco mode. There are five presets for the monitor. These are sRGB, Adobe RGB, Full, High Bright, and DCI.

MultiSync PA271W offers excellent performance. It has accurate color reproduction and impressive black levels. It does not show any tint problems. Besides, texts down to 6.8 point size is clearly visible on this monitor. MultiSync PA271W is a good choice for gaming and movie watching because of its accurate and vibrant color quality. The preset that is most suitable for gaming is High Bright. DCI is the right preset for movies. To rent this monitor or to find out more about computer, iPad and projector rental services, get in touch with us today.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

By considering plasma monitor rentals can bring shine to your trade show booth also. If you are planning to put a trade show booth here are some points to remember:

Renting plasma displays can enhance your trade show market.

You can use LCD or LED or any other displays to show your advertisements and graphics, but plasma displays can give your business more attraction in many ways :

  • Gives high quality ratios contrasting with sharp images.
  • Other displays cannot give you accurate colors like the plasma displays do.
  • The video movement or graphic movement gives you less blurring images.
  • You can view clearly from any of the angles.

These are the advantages of plasma display screen. That’s why it is considered as the effective tool for the trade show booths. This can attract more potential customers into the booth and you can promote your company more effectively.

In trade show booths, you can put your plasma displays as a single focal point for your booth or even you can put them as a bank of plasma displays. You can even go for high-end options including projectors, microphones, interactive kiosks, speakers etc. These are the ways to attract the eyes of the customers to your trade show booth.

Buy or Rent?

Most of the people are having the tendency of a buying mentality. Nevertheless, this mentality may not be worked out in businesses, especially in the trade show business circuits. Here are the few points how the rentals can work in your favor:

  • Your rental company can set-up and take down the electronic goods with your specifications for you. No need to take the time of your sales staff for this. Look for convenience.
  • Shipping the plasma displays for various shows over continents can bring damages worries and also the cost of shipping is a problem. So, renting plasma displays in the city where trade show happens can feel your company a hassle free business.
  • Each company booth can look different with plasma displays. Your company can also chose for custom displays. Different looks gives freshness into your company standards in each show.

Now, for the next time trade show investigate and decide the right plasma display rentals for your company to showcase in trade shows.

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