Monday, March 28, 2016
Lenovo IdeaPad K1

Part of running a successful company is having the right tools to maintain success.  Knowing the latest in technology developments helps those in business stay on the cutting edge of success.  Many companies choose to rent or lease technology products, gaining the benefit of useful technology without the liability, expense, and maintenance of ownership.

Staying current on the latest products and developments in technology ensures that your business is equipped to compete in today’s market.  One of the main tools companies are using to succeed in all industries is the Android powered tablet.

Tablets are portable and convenient alternatives to the PC or laptop computer.  They are essential for the CEO on the go, and have highly recommended uses for trade shows and conventions.  They are typically lightweight, easily transported, and have a sleek and professional appearance.

There are several Android powered tablets that are recommended for corporate use.  One of the popular choices among professionals is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  While similar to the Samsung Galaxy note series, the Tab series does not use the S-Pen stylus.  The Samsung Tab series was originally introduced in 2010, and has since released several models of varying size.

The latest in the series was just recently released on the Samsung website in Germany, and is called the Galaxy Tab A.  The newest model claims to be more powerful than previous model.  The design is also more attractive than the older models.  The newer tablet is lighter and thin, with a metal frame, and is available in black or white.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A has a quad core processor, and a 7 inch display screen with LCD technology.  Previous versions of the Galaxy Tab are available in 8 and 9.7 inch screen sizes.  If your business requires or can benefit from your taking quality photos, the 5 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera will be ideal for your needs.  With 8 GB of storage, and expansion options for additional storage, you can handle large amounts of data and photo content.

The software used for the Galaxy Tab A is Android 5.1 Lollipop.  Lollipop is a version of Android OS which was developed by Google.  Its interface is built around Material design, and includes improvements to notifications and internal improvements, including improvements to the life and usage of battery.  The new Samsung Tab’s battery has a long life, and can handle long term heavy duty usage throughout the day without going dead.

Another popular pick for the modern business person is the Motorola Xoom.  The Xoom is an Android-based tablet computer by Motorola.  The system running the Motorola Xoom is the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which is a mobile OS designed for tablets from Google.  The Motorola Xoom is frequently used for companies that utilize a lot of media and files.  The internal makeup of the Xoom is ideal for running multiple projects or tabs at one time, and for working on complicated projects, as you would on a desktop or laptop.

Another popular and affordable tablet is the Acer Iconia.  The most recent model is the Iconia Tab 10, which is known for being durable and easily transported.  The Iconia has a sensitive touch screen that allows easy writing and sketching, but the glass is durable and tough to prevent shattering or cracking.  The tablet is specifically designed for easy sharing, making it perfect for trade shows and conventions, especially if you are using a big screen display.

The final product on our list of recommended tablets for professional users is the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1.  This tablet is unique in its web optimization, and comes with the latest in Flash content support.  For professionals who need large amounts of storage, advanced graphics or video quality access, the Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet K1 provides the advanced and superior technology to handle your needs.  The IdeaPad also has sharing capabilities to use for multiple users and interactions, as well as presentations.  Advanced technology like this comes at a price, and the Lenovo IdeaPad K1 can be around $499.00 to purchase.

Finding a quality tablet can be pricey, and if you are looking to provide tablets for your company or to use at a trade show or convention, the cost can be significant.  To reduce this cost, rental programs are available.  Renting rather than buying has many benefits.  For one, it’s less expensive. In addition to cost, you have working equipment that can be regularly repaired and updated by the rental company.

This is a benefit for both long term and short-term rentals.  One of the largest benefits is that you will always keep your business on the cutting edge of technology.  Rental companies constantly update their inventory, and can recommend the product that works best for your company and needs.

Monday, June 15, 2015
Acer’s Budget Ultraportable TravelMate B

If ultraportables have seemed elusively out of reach, Acer’s new machine the TravelMate B also going by the model number TMB115-MP-C23C, may offer some respite.

Affordable touch-screen ultraportable

Acer’s ultraportable is a laptop that comes at a highly competitive and very affordable $379. This may seem a tad higher than others in the budget segment, but keep in mind that the TravelMateB is a touch-enabled device that comes loaded with Windows 8.1. The TravelMate B has a 10 point touch screen system which is almost unheard of at this price point. The touch screen adds a bit to its price tag, with cheaper alternatives in non-touchscreen variants available from the likes of HP.  An added bonus is the two-year warranty that Acer offers for this laptop, compared to the usual one year that is the norm.

Its polycarbonate frame in black matte is a diminutive 0.83 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches (height/width/depth) and comes with a 11.6-inch screen that’s big enough to get the job done. Don’t expect any wonders from its LCD screen that comes in a 1366 x 768 resolution and you won’t be disappointed. Easy to travel with, it weighs in at 2.89 pounds.

Flexibility and connectivity

It comes equipped with multiple ports making it a handy device for daily use at work or home. Users will find the flexibility of having two USB 2.0 ports, as well as USB 3.0 port and an SD card slot along with an HDMI port and Ethernet port a big plus. Add to that the thoughtfully included HDMI to VGA adapter and you have a machine that is handy to hook up to an older style monitor as well. The WiFi is enabled to work on 5GHz networks as well as 2.4GHz networks, while the wireless connectivity comes from Bluetooth 4.0.

Packing some decent processing power

The TravelMate B comes with the processing power of the quad-core Intel Celeron N2940.  And while it doesn’t top the charts, it isn’t a straggler either, coming in at a healthy midway ranking on most tests. The integrated Intel HD graphics and its 1.83 GHz processor don’t pack enough of a punch to let you do any serious gaming, but it does fine on regular processing, browsing and Photoshop usage tests.

The TravelMate B has better memory and more storage capacity than most others in the budget segment with 4GB RAM and 500GB storage capacity.

A battery that keeps giving

The big thing the ultraportable from Acer has going for it, is the healthy 7 hours plus battery life. It may not quite compare to the nine hours a new MacBook 12 inch, but then again, it is so much more affordable.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Laptop manufacturer Dell does not have a many tablet products as Apple, Samsung or Lenovo but it is now making up for lost time by moving into the market with trendy products. Close on the heels of Venue 8 7000 which won Best of CES award, Dell has now launched the Venue 10 which is an enhanced version of Venue 8 7000. This improved version is larger in size and has a cylindrical battery attached to the lower edge that increases battery life by more than 7 hours and also has slots for setting up detachable keyboard.

The new cylindrical battery also has built in stereo speakers that are ideal for outdoors when ambient sound can influence tablet’s sound. The launch of windows 8 that is a tablet friendly operating system has led to growing demand for tabs that are slimmer and lighter than laptops and have similar features.

Design and Layout of the Dell Venue 10, 7000


Though the tab looks a little like Yoga Tablets of Lenovo its hinge does not flip out into a kickstand, you can attach the tablet into a keyboard and turn it into a regular laptop. The tablet which is slated for release in April 2015, has a slim body made of brushed aluminum and is ergonomically designed. As this version is targeted towards the business class it has responsive keyboard with a strong backlight that makes it easy to use in a dark room. Its keyboard cannot be attached to any other tablet as it attaches itself into to the battery extension from which it draws power.

Intel Atom processor powers the Venue 10 and it runs on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop operating system to give it super power to zoom through processes. The 2 GB RAM provides enough speed and capacity to run multiple applications while the camera application allows users to blur and brighten or add contract to pictures.

Display and Applications

The screen resolution of this tablet is the same as previous one at 2560*1600 that is spread across 10.5-inch display. It also contains Intel’s 8-megapixel Real Sense 3D camera with rear shooter and stereoscopic 720 pixel cameras that can capture different layers of each shot. The large size of the tablet makes it easy to take pictures without obstructing cameras with fingers while shooting at high speeds.

To make it easy to use for businessmen the makers have installed Android for Work management tools so company specific programs can be installed and access to certain work data can be blocked if stolen. But users can also personalize the tablet with consumer grade applications from Play Store or Google Play. With the Bluetooth enabled keyboard and 32 GB storage the tablet could put you back by $629 in the United States.

Friday, September 19, 2014
Tablet vs. Laptop

With the advancement of technology, a wide range of options are available to consumers with respect to buying different gadgets for their use. Consumers often get confused when it comes to deciding between buying a laptop or a tablet. Below are some pros and cons of laptops and tablets that could help you to decide which one to buy or rent for your specific use.

Laptops are the first kind of portable or movable desktop computers to be invented back in the 1970s. Today laptops are available in different forms-full-sized, net-book, notebook among others Tablets are the latest devices in the computer market and come with touch-screen displays. They do not require the use of a keyboard or mouse and are much lighter in weight and have a sleek design and structure.

Laptop vs. tablets: Pros and cons

When compared to tablets, laptops are not the latest gadget in the market. However, they still possess certain advantages that make them a preferable choice among consumers. Experts believe that laptops continue to be the ideal choice for buyers looking for a business computer. This is because laptops have the ability to process huge amounts of data without compromising on performance.

Superior performance and multitasking

The use of superior hardware in laptops makes them better at several tasks as compared to tablets. They are also ideal for multitasking purposes as they easily allow the use of several applications at one time. People who require heavy Internet use should definitely opt for a laptop instead of a tablet as it is much faster in processing and downloading sites and data.

Usage comfort and durability

Laptops possess a larger screen and a full-sized keyboard. Therefore they are much more comfortable to use as compared to tablets. Since there is no touch display on most laptops, they are sturdier and less prone to damage by external factors. Their overall build is strong and as compared to tablets, they can handle rough use to a certain extent.

Portability and limited battery life

The primary drawback in a laptop is the lack of portability because they are bigger and heavier than tablets. The other issue with laptops is the limited battery life. Since laptops perform at a much higher level as compared to tablets, even a good laptop would be able to last for about 2 hours while tablets can be used for much longer duration of time without charging.

Experts at Computer Rentals can help you decide the perfect gadget that would fulfill your particular requirements.

Monday, August 5, 2013
Acer Announces Smallest Windows 8 Tablet

Acer has launched the Iconia W3, which is the first 8.1” tablet running on Windows 8. The device, priced at about $380, will be the first small screen Windows 8 tablet that can fit in your hand, in the market.

This device is powered by Atom Z2760 processor from Intel and includes a 1.8 GHz dual core chipset. The screen supports LED backlit display and can show resolutions of up to 1280 x 800 pixels. There are two cameras: 2 MP cameras at the front as well as rear end of the device. Also included are the standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Micro-HDMI, Micro-USB, and Bluetooth 4.0. Missing here are the USB 3.0 port and Thunderbolt port found in the earlier Windows tablets released by Acer.

Weighing at about 540 grams and with a thickness of 11.35mm, the Iconia is quite compact for a tablet. The device has a battery life of 8 hours, which is pretty good for tablets of this size. This tablet comes with pre-included Microsoft Office Student and Home editions. The Iconia will be available in both 32 GB and 64 GB variants. An external slot from micro-SD cards can let users expand the external memory by up to 32 GB.

Acer has included an optional keyboard with Iconia that can be bought for about $90. The functionality and look of the device's keyboard is similar to what is seen on the Ultrabook lineup of Acer. You can check out other tablets such as the iPad by renting one from a local iPad rental service agency in your area.

Monday, July 29, 2013

ASUS has recently unveiled the Memo Pad FHD7, which is an Android tablet that you can buy for $129. The device has a weight of 302 grams. It has 1280 by 800 pixels resolution in a 7” screen and was launched during the Computex show held in Taiwan.

The FHD7 includes two cameras: a 5 MP back camera and a 1.2 MP front camera. It is powered by the Cortex A7 low-power quad core processor. The model worth $129 is supposed to have 8GB storage. The pricing of the model starts at $149 for 16GB models in other markets.

Most of the tablet manufacturers have been constantly reducing prices of small-screen Android tablets. Earlier, Acer launched the Iconia A1 tablet at $169, while HP introduced the Slate 7 at $149. The 8” Kindle Fire HD from Amazon and the Nexus 7 tablets from Google are priced at $199 each.

ASUS has also launched the Transformer Pad Infinity which is a 10.1” tablet with lots of new technologies which sets it apart from the overcrowded Android market. This device uses quad-core chips Tegra 4, and runs on Android 4.2.2. Tegra 4 has previously been used in the Slatebook X2 by HP. The infinity supports 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution, which is considerably more than the 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution available in the latest iPad tablet from Apple. You can try the latest iPad models by renting one from an rental service provider in your area.

New tablets from ASUS
Monday, May 6, 2013

Microsoft's Windows 8 was initially targeted mostly at larger tablets and desktops, including their own RT and Surface machines. But Peter Klein, Microsoft's CFO, has stated that they are planning to bring the operating system to the small devices market.

Rumors have spread that the company would enable their OEM partners to run the Windows 8 OS on smaller tablets too. When talking to the media, Klein has only confirmed the involvement of the OEM partners and hasn’t mentioned whether or not Microsoft is planning the launch of a smaller version of their Surface tablet. But it can be assumed that something of that sort is in the works.

Klein has also mentioned that the software giant is working towards improving and expanding the experience for all Windows 8 machines in multiple price markets, even the lower price machines. Earlier, the CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, had also mentioned that they wanted to ensure Windows 8 devices could be built by the OEM companies for less than 200 US dollars. This will enable even small computer rental services to provide Windows 8 devices that will help make the OS available to a larger group of users.

Klein has also acknowledged the fact that transitioning users to Windows 8 is not as easy as it was with other operating systems, due to the upheaval in the visual environment as well as the integration of touch. But that the company is excited about new opportunities that it will provide.

Microsoft CFO Hints at Windows 8 Being Used for Smaller Devices
Friday, October 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft announced its Surface tablet four months ago, and has now announced a price and date for the RT version of the device, in addition to starting pre-orders.

The RT version of the tablet is the “light” version of Windows 8. Set for release on October 26, a Windows 8 Pro version will follow three months later. This Pro version will include the “full”Windows 8 package running on Intel Ivy Bridge CPU, featuring a more robust battery and greater peripheral support within a thicker body. Ports will include USB 3.0, DisplayPort and SDXC expansion slot. It will also have twice the storage capacity of the RT Version.

Would you rent the “lighter” RT version of the tablet? Or as a business user, would you prefer to wait for the Pro? With our ever expanding tablet inventory, we supply the tablets that our business customers prefer. So we’re keeping our eyes and ears open to what our customers think. But how about a little more info on what to expect—

Opting for the RT version of the Surface tablet will provide you with a 1,366x768 screen, while the Pro version will have a  1,920x1,080 pixel screen. Both tablets are built with VaporMg, keeping the tablets light at 1.5 pounds. They also feature a kickstand to make it easier to prop up the tablet – a feature that will surely be appreciated by business users.

Will your organization be using the Windows 8 tablet? Using the quote form on this page, you can find out more about trying out new tablets, or using them only when you need it most using our tablet rental services.




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Monday, August 27, 2012

Android Tablet Rental

It’s back to school season, and teachers and administrators may have planned incorporating new technology into the classroom. Devices like the tablet has slowly made its way into education with interactive apps in addition to its e-reading capabilities. They're used all the way from elementary schools to universities, and have even been found to be exceptionally beneficial for special education purposes.

While Apple’s iPad has certainly made the strongest impression among educational users, there are Android tablet rentals educators can also consider – some of which are a bit more budget-friendly.

If the e-reading feature is your primary interest, consider the Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Color, or Nook Tablet. Browse the web, or read in full color with a clear display in a compact 7-inch package.

If you are looking for more comprehensive features and a greater select of apps, consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab or Acer Iconia Tab. The Galaxy Tab is available either in the 7-inch model or the standard, feature-rich 10-inch.When renting the tablets, you have the option to customize the devices as you’d like – with 3G connectivity if it is necessary, or even with specific apps already downloaded and ready to use.

To learn more about renting Android tablets for educational use, fill out the quote form on this page and a dedicated representative will show you how your needs can be met, providing a quote with no-obligation for purchase.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tablet Rentals for Marketing

From iPads to Galaxy Tabs, experiential or field marketers are taking tablets and maximizing the technology to its greatest business potential. What’s more – rentals make it that much easier for these groups to have the latest tablet models when they need it most. There’s no need for a full investment in hardware, just pay for the use when necessary.

Because of the conveniences of portable computing that tablets bring to business, these devices have become a regular tool seen at trade shows and other events.

With an iPad, or other Android or Windows-based tablet in-hand, users can interact with potential clients while on-the-fly presenting demonstrations or presentations with marketing material always readily available in these devices weighing just over one pound. They also serve as a file holder and data collector when used to log survey responses, or register event guests.

Some marketers keep the tablets stationary in a secure display (which we also provide with our rentals upon request) to draw in crowd members and start interaction. If the venue doesn’t provide sufficient wireless coverage to maintain the functionality of your tablet use, simply opt for our 3G or 4G LTE option.

To learn more about renting tablets to optimize your marketing efforts, just fill out a quote form.