Choosing the Best Web Browser

Web Browsers

Every browser has its special appeal and distinct features. Microsoft Internet Explorer is known for its speedy graphics hardware and for offering strong Tracking Protection against website code which keeps a track of the user’s browsing action.

Google's Chrome is known to excel in latest technologies such as instant page loading and voice response. On the other hand, Firefox is popular for its extensions. These extensions allow for excellent customization of the browser. It also offers other unique features such as the Social API which offers integration of the browser with a social website.

Opera and Maxthon

There are some other less popular browsers as well including Maxthon and Opera. They may not be very well known or widely used but have several useful features to offer. Opera is in fact one of the oldest browsers to be developed since the early Internet days. It is known for its two distinct features-Speed Dial start page.

The page gives quick access to websites used frequently. In addition to this it also displays updated information and content from those websites. The second unique feature of the Opera is the Off-Road mode. This feature helps in reducing the content on a webpage be compressing it using cache servers.

Finally, the browser is which least popular among Internet users is the Maxthon. This browser was developed in China and offers features such as screen capture, media downloading and incorporated cloud services. It also has page-rendering engines of both Webkit and Internet Explorer for additional compatibility. It also ranks high on speed with HTML5 features.

Website consumption issues

However, irrespective of the brilliant features offered by these different browsers, website use is such a complicated process today that each browser is bound to fail in loading certain sites properly. At times, the problem is as simple as website testing for certain browsers which refuses to let the user in because the browser and product version are not in sync with their predetermined conditions. Therefore experts recommend that one should have a couple of different browsers installed on their system.

This means that a single browser will not likely be able to meet all your Web requirements. But with couple of them installed, you have different choices. Research browser reviews on the Internet to understand which one would be able to meet your needs most suitably. You could also seek help from experts at computer rentals to help you make the right decision.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014