Choosing a Laptop for Gaming

Gaming Laptop

Powerful bulky laptops or desktops that are expensive… that’s the image that comes to mind when you think of gaming on PCs or laptops. There are branded high-end exclusive gaming laptops/PCs or there are laptops/PCs that you can consider for gaming if you are not a heavy-duty gamer. One of the first features you would need in a laptop or a PC if you are planning to rent one from one of the computer rentals in your town is the graphics processing unit or the GPU, which is what separates an ordinary laptop from a gaming one. If the laptop has a dedicated GPU, your games are powered by it by way of its own RAM.

A lot of graphics cards mean more GPU capacity for gaming, and also many monitors. Using a number of monitors will help you play many games at the same time, or even chat or surf the internet when you are playing a game.

Memory, screen size

The processor is at the core of any PC/laptop. There are quad core processors that boost the PC/laptop’s ability to power your gaming process. The memory of your system is extremely important, so get your PC empowered with a minimum of 8GB RAM if you are seriously considering gaming; if you have the budget, go for the 16GB. Amateur gamers who casually play once in a while could opt for a minimum of 4GB.

Faster memory means better performance and more stability. If you want your laptop or PC to be your ideal gaming system, you would need great displays. On the flipside, larger the display, more the weight of the PC/laptop. The system requires a display of at least 11 inches. The screen size can go up to 18 inches or even more. A larger display would mean a great resolution. Also, you need to make sure you have 120 Hz display, thanks to the growing popularity of 3D games. Ensure the monitor has all the right ports such as HDMI or Display Port.

Other aspects

Irrespective of how good everything else is on your computer, you would need solid batteries that last long. So, always make sure your laptop/PC has excellent battery. The other aspect you would need to bear in mind is the quality of audio. Ensure that your PC/laptop should have an audio which has compatibility with stereo I/O of 7.1 or 5.1. You should also have a nice pair of headphones that cancel noise so the hum of the PC/laptop is drowned out. You would need special controllers, a good gaming mouse and keyboard to enjoy the experience.

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