Chromebooks to Launch by Late 2013

As the sale of Windows 8 powered computers continue to be disappointing, many manufacturers such as ASUS, ACER, and others are getting ready to release a host of Chromebooks in late 2013. The devices will be powered by Google's proprietary operating system Chrome, which promises to spice up the market for notebooks and computers.

This announcement comes close at the heels of the recently-released Chromebook Pixel, that is Google's own device and works on a 1.8 GHz Intel processor with 1TB of space in Google Drive, and a 4GB RAM.

Devices powered by Chrome OS have been released since the last year, but have mainly existed in the low-price category. Notable among these is the Celeron-powered Chromebook from Acer, which is available at a low price of $199 and packs in 320GB of hard disk space. Acer is also planning to launch an 11.6-inch model that will be targeted at students. Lenovo also launched a similar dedicated Chromebook for students in January this year, the ThinkPad X131e.

Other companies that are getting into the Chromebook bandwagon include established industry names such as HP, Samsung, and Lenovo, but these have not announced any specific date or details regarding their progress with Chromebooks. This news also comes at a time when there is a lot of news that many PC manufacturers are readying up a range of low-cost products that will run on the Android OS, Chocolate Factory.

You can find the existing Chromebooks at various computer rental agencies. Chromebook has the potential to become an industry leader if the future products give great performance with the low prices.

Upcoming Chromebook Devices
Thursday, May 16, 2013