Computer and Printer Leasing: An Overview

Any business looking to maximize its profits knows full well that the key is to minimize costs in both the long and the short run. Companies dealing with temporary high volume projects have realized that outright purchase is less cost effective as compared to leasing expensive equipment. Renting equipment is thus the order of the day. You can lease anything starting from desktops and laptops right down to servers at a fraction of their original purchase price. Printer and computer rental companies offer many benefits to businesses looking to rent equipment and there are multiple leasing structures to suit different requirements.

Lease structures vary from rental company to rental company. There are standard lease structures available to suit different situation. A standard lease has a life of 2 to 5 years. The first and the final rents are paid in advance while the rest is paid out in equal installments throughout the lease term. The Step Up leases is a rental option in which you start out by paying small monthly amounts which then keeps increasing as the lease period progresses. This is applied usually in the cases of high end digital printers and computers.

A deferred payment lease option gives you the chance to pay the lease amount after 90 days of paying the first installment. This option is highly beneficial in case of smaller companies, which have a tendency to face unexpected cash crunches. Some computer rental companies have a provision for master leasing. A master lease enables companies to rent equipment on credit and finally purchase it at the end of the lease period. While dealing with unpredictable work volumes, a master lease is the best option since it lets you operate simply on credit.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011