Computers of the Future to Run Without Fans

Intel New Processor

Intel has recently unveiled a new processor called the Core M or Broadwell that will let PC manufacturers build much thinner laptops and ultrabooks. Thanks to this iconic processor, computers will be able to run without fans. The fans, which are an integral part of a laptop, may soon become a part of history, if this advanced processor technology is successful. It was Intel's Vice-President of the platform-engineering group, Rani Borkar, who announced the launch of the chip to the media.

Tough competition among chip manufacturers

It is not just Intel, but many other major chip manufacturers are also trying their level best to release a processor that could give the big guns a run for their money. These companies are trying to achieve this by reducing the size of the chips even further. However, with the latest release, Intel has taken a giant stride towards outmaneuvering their competition which it has been doing so for a long time.

The Core M chip is just 14 nanometers long, which is a mind-boggling one-billionth of a meter. Thanks to its micro-mini size the computer manufacturers now can make their devices even smaller, lighter and more power efficient, which would no longer need the fan for cooling. Experts are estimating the thickness of the future ultra books to go down to less than nine mm. Removal of the fan is a key feature that would enable the laptops to become more like a tablet.

Launch of the chip to be delayed

The launch of this Core M chip has been delayed by several months because of some issues regarding the manufacture of this state-of-the-art technology. However, once these issues are sorted out, Intel will start making these Broadwell chips in large numbers as they are expecting a huge demand from all the PC manufacturers. The company believes that with time, they will be able to handle the huge demand for the 14 nm chip, just like they did with the 22 nm chip which was also a revolutionary chip during its launch. It is expected that the customers will be able to buy the Core M powered computers in the first half of next year.

When it comes to the processors for mobile devices, it is the ARM based chips that has a strong hold over the market and Intel are looking to compete with them with the launch of the Core M.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014