CTL Educational Chromebook

CTL Educational Chromebook

Chromebooks are an ideal fit in the classroom environment. It is very easy to set up these budget devices with educational applications. In addition to this, all Chromebooks together can be taken care of by the management tools offered by Google Chrome. Since all data management and other operations are cloud based and are synced to the Google account of the user, it is also possible for several students to use one single device.

The latest CTL Educational Chromebook gives the tiny Chrome-based system a student friendly makeover. It offers new features that enable participation in various educational activities at a price that is way cheaper than certain textbooks.

Design review

The latest CTL Educational Chromebook-NL6 is designed to be used in the rough and tough classroom setting. The body of the laptop is built from hard plastic which makes it perfect to be stored in backpacks. It can withstand rough use by school students. The various ports and hinges of the laptop are unbreakable under different kinds of stresses.

A bumper made out of rubber wraps around the frame of the laptop. This essentially provides protection against any drops or the laptop hitting against anything hard. The keyboard is built to resist any damage against water spilling. So, any parent who is not confident about their child being able to take care of an expensive technological device, the NL6 is a perfect inexpensive option.

The CTL Educational Chromebook is also convenient to carry around as it comes equipped with an in-built handle and a sleek design (0.88X11.8X8.4 inches). It is also very light and weighs approximately 3.04 pounds. It looks very much like 2Go Convertible NL4 Classmate PC, given the plastic framework and classroom-friendly design. But it lacks the rotating touch screen feature.


A 1366X768 basic resolution is offered by the 11.6-inch display of the Chromebook. The screen provides reasonable amount of brightness and also has an anti-glare film which makes it good enough to carry for outdoor class trips.

There is a webcam (1MP) above the display. But the camera is not fixed as on the other Chromebooks; it has a rotational feature. The quality of the pictures is pretty average but the Chromebook offers one distinct feature of the magnifying “microscope” which is attached around the webcam lens. Computer rentals are a great place to look for the latest laptops to meet your child’s educational requirements.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014