Dell Chromebook 11 – A Basic Chromebook with a Robust Battery Life

Dell Chromebook 11

For those looking for a new laptop but do not want to spend big, the Dell Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3) might just be the right one for you. With quite a sturdy construction, superior performance and an excellent battery life Dell Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3) is great machine that is a bit expensive, but packs in a solid performance.

Features and design

The look of the Dell Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3) is not much different from its predecessor. With a height of eight inches and a width of 12 inches and the same plastic body and charcoal color; there haven’t been many changes to this new Chromebook as far appearance is concerned. But it’s a good thing, as the design looks good. With a weight of about 2.84 pounds it is light enough to carry around in a bag. Its 11-inch display comes with a resolution of 1366 by 768, which some users might find disappointing, but is adequate for the screen size.

One of the strengths of the new Chromebook 11 is its port selection. You get a slot for the SD card, two USB ports (3.0) and one HDMI port. It also comes with good Wi-Fi support. The keyboard is designed with Chrome in mind, but some users might find the size of the tile keyboard a bit small. But the keys have adequate spacing between them for comfortable typing.

With Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3) you get 16 GB SSD for your documents, apps and other downloads. Along with this you also get cloud storage worth 100 GB from Google, which is free for two years.


The big update on this new Chromebook 11 is its processor. It has an Intel Core (1.7 GHz, i3-4005U) processor. This is a big upgrade from the Intel Celeron in the earlier models. The processor upgrade makes a significant improvement in the way the new Chromebook 11 performs. With Intel Core you can easily open more than 20 tabs at a time along with several streaming services and the system won’t slow down.

The earlier models of Chromebooks don’t perform that well once more than 10 tabs are open at the same time. The processor upgrade also improves the video chat functions of the new Chromebook 11 and the boot time is also better at just 5 seconds.

But it is the longer battery life that is something to rev about here. Even with many applications running and improved performance the battery of the Dell Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3) lasts for about nine hours. The processor upgrade has certainly translated into a steeper price for the Dell Chromebook 11 (Intel Core i3), which is at $379 approximately. But the improved performance and a robust battery life are the extra benefits.

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