Dell Latitude E7440 Touch - Ultrabook with Premium Features

Dell Latitude E7440 Touch

Fans of Dell’s products will be delighted with this latest addition to its Latitude 14 7000 series of ultra-books, which have an excellent combination of premium features and long battery life.

Though the body of this laptop is designed out of carbon fiber for lightweight structure it has MIL-SPEC ruggedness ideal for mobility. The device is ideal for office use as it has Wi-Fi for use on the go along with generously sized keys. Latitude series of Dell laptops are considered to be an expensive range as they were specifically made to meet expectations of business customers.

Design features - The keypad has a neat looking rubber-tipped nub or “Trackpoint” in the middle which handles multiple gestures like “pinch to zoom” and open up icons as required. It has a mini DisplayPort, SD card reader along with three USB 3.0 ports. It has wireless dock support in the rear and color accuracy. The Dell Latitude E7440 Touch is suited for both indoor and outdoor use due to its anti-reflective display unit.

Security – Ideally designed to protect information of corporate customers, the new Dell Latitude is equipped with Intel vPro technology, which allows limited remote access features. If this Dell laptop is stolen you can delete confidential data and lock the device so it cannot be used again.

Accessories – Dell also provides SmartCard reader as an accessory that works as a fingerprint reader to keep the system accessible only to one user. Other accessories include notebook back which can fit 65 watts power unit and software tools.

Performance – Built with an Intel Core i5-4300U processor and integrated 4400 graphics the Dell Latitude E7440 Touch performs faster than the Lenovo T440S. The hardy laptop has the power of Haswell CPU and is supported by 4 GB RAM along with 500 GB hard-disk.  Its battery scores nearly 8 hours in a rundown test with active use which can be swapped with another battery if it runs down in an emergency.

Input devices – Besides the large 18*14 mm keyboard, Dell has also provided this laptop with 9.0*4.7 cm touchpad with multi-touch features and palm sensor. The traditional Track-point can capture precise gliding movements of the mouse unlike jerky movements of a joystick.

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Friday, November 28, 2014