Dell XPS 13 Touch – A Razor-Thin Premium Ultrabook

Dell XPS 13 Touch

For those looking for a premium ultrabook with good looks and solid performance Dell XPS 13 Touch is worth a buy. It is slim, light and comes with a powerful processor. At an approximate price of $1400 it is a high-end buy, but matches the cost with a solid performance.

Slim looks and other features

The chassis of the machine has a width of 12 inches, depth of eight inches and is 0.6 inches in height with a weight of around 2.75 pounds. This makes XPS 13 Touch lighter than the previous model. This puts it in the middle when it comes to weight of several other notebooks in the market, which are priced lower and some that cost way more. So with XPS 13 you get a lightweight and slim notebook with good looks in the decent price range.

It comes with a keyboard covered with carbon fiber, but the outer parts are made with machined aluminum. The screen comes with a resolution of 3,200 by 1,800, which is great for movies and videos. You can see the finer details and really enjoy the visual quality that XPS 13 offers. You might be a bit disappointed with port selection, but it is good enough with two USB ports (3.0) and one mini port and comes with an SD card reader. Don’t let the lack of ports stop you from buying it. You can easily add more with Dell’s USB adapter that you can buy for $60 and add HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and USB 2.0 port.

The XPS 13 Touch also comes with an 8 GB memory and 256 GB SSD.  Some might not find it adequate storage for all downloads, but it is good enough especially if you subscribe to streaming services.

Solid performance

The XPS 13 Touch is equipped with an Intel Core processor (fifth-generation, i5-5200U) and is enough to thoroughly impress any user. It also comes with a CPU with low voltage and HD graphics from Intel. It is also an ideal ultrabook for web developers and photographers as it has options for creating 2D content.

With such a premium notebook you might expect a great battery life. Sadly that is not the case here. It gives you almost 7.5 hours and there are many notebooks offering many more hours. But more than seven hours can be considered quite a good number if you don’t compare it with higher numbers of other machines.

The bottom line is that Dell XPS 13 Touch is worth a buy for its superior touch screen, slim looks, sturdy construction and its really good processor and hence performance. This is a good choice if you are looking for a slim, premium, high-performing windows ultrabook costing just a bit more than other notebooks.

Thursday, February 26, 2015