Digital Storm Vanquish II – A Cheap Gaming Desktop with Solid 3D Performance

Digital Storm Vanquish II

Gaming systems are expensive, be it desktops or laptops. It is difficult a find a gaming computer that is good and inexpensive. Digital Storm is a privately owned company in the United States that makes customized laptops and desktops specifically for gaming. The company released their latest custom-designed gaming PC, the Digital Storm Vanquish II, in 2014. It is a desktop computer that is solidly built, performs really well and can be bought for next to nothing. Take a look at the features and specs of this new gaming PC on the market.

What is good in the Digital Storm Vanquish II

Digital Storm is of the few boutique companies that makes and sells custom computers. The Vanquish II, their latest offering, does not disappoint. It looks pretty sharp with its gray body and blue lighting, and surprises you with its build quality.

  • Processor is the latest Intel 3.3GHz quad-core Haswell Refresh Core i5-4590.
  • The latest NVIDIA GTX770 or GTX780 graphics (depending on the level you choose), that gives high resolutions even at 1080p gaming and decently usable frame rates at even 2560×1600.
  • Spacious 8 GB memory, up to 1 TB Seagate storage, and a 120 GB SSD.

It is a very reasonably priced gaming computer that costs anywhere between $700 and $1300, depending on the level you choose to buy. It offers really good build quality for the price. The computer performs amazingly well while gaming even with a single GPU.

The system comes in four pre-tested models according to different gaming levels. Since they are ready pieces that are pre-customized and tested, they are shipped within hours of ordering, a big first for customized PCs. These computers come with an extended 3 year limited warranty period, another first. Most custom PC manufacturers offer just one or two year warranty periods in general.

What keeps the Digital Storm Vanquish II from being the best in its class

Although the Digital Storm Vanquish II is a well-built gaming computer, it does have a few drawbacks for its price point. The limited ports reduce expandability and performance enhancement options and the computer can feel quite bulky.

  • Micro ATX motherboard limits expansion capacity.
  • Limited ports not adequate for performance-enhanced gaming.
  • A bit bulky when it comes to the back plate.

If you are looking at value for money in a customized gaming computer that will be shipped right away and are not looking at updating your system very often, then the Digital Storm Vanquish II is the way to go. It is built really well, takes care of gaming needs beautifully up to 1080p, and is great value for money for the specs and features it has to offer.

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