Forrester Prediction On Tablets By 2015

In 2010, Apple introduced a new type of computer called the Ipad(Tablet). Now competitors all over the world are trying to come out with their own version. Sales were through the roof last year and it was very tough to get your hands on one.

A market research company called Forrester has recently published a U.S tablet sales estimation of 195 million between 2010-15. They expect that sales will rise from last years 10.3 million to 44 million in 2015, passing laptop sales by around 5 million. They also predict that PC sales will decline from last years 20.5 million to 18.2 million in 2015.

Everyone knows that Apple’s tablet is the best in its class. It wouldn’t surprise me if more that two thirds of that 195 million are Ipad’s. Once the Ipad 2 comes out, tablet sales will start to increase drastically. A lot of people tend to wait for the second generation because of increased perks or skepticisms about the original.

If tablet Creators/innovators could eliminate some disadvantages that they have, then these numbers could definitely become a reality.

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