Four Cool Laptops of 2013

With the increasing number of laptops pouring into the market, it becomes a difficult task to pick the right one. Laptop manufacturers continuously create new designs and spruce up old ones in order to stay ahead of the competition. At the consumer level though, it becomes nearly impossible to make a decision about a laptop. Computer devices do not come cheap. Making a large investment like this takes quite a bit of thought.

There is always the nagging feeling of wanting to wait for the next best thing that releases. However, once it has released reviews are not good, and you will feel like waiting for the updated version which is relieved of all the minor glitches. By this time there are new products available.

Here is a list of four laptops that are among the best released this year. Hopefully, it will make your choosing easier. You can try them out at any computer rentals before making a purchase.

  1. The Apple MacBook Pro

This is a great laptop to work on. The sleek design and light-weight body are added bonuses to it. The dual core processor in the system works better than the less efficient quad core. The 13 inch screen makes the overall experience pretty great. Retina display allows you to watch movies in high definition. The cost of the laptop is about $1,700.

Apple MacBook Pro
  1. The Dell Inspiron 14z

This version of the Inspiron is great because it has as many features as it can, crammed into a tiny, light-weight system. Costing under $500, the 14z really is quite the steal. If you are on a tight budget, this is the laptop you should be looking at. The compact design and light weight make it very portable.

  1. The Lenovo Z580

This laptop defies all rules of hardware. The laptop costs only $500 dollars, but it is not very light, nor compact. It makes a great replacement for a high-performance desktop to use at work or at home.

  1. The Dell Precision M4700 Mobile Workstation

This Dell beast is both heavy as well as expensive. Costing nearly $3,000, the laptop scares away people who are trying to save money by buying an inexpensive device. However, the specifications are absolutely brilliant. It performs tasks at rapid rates and is the perfect workstation for professionals. The laptop can also withstand a little unfriendly weather.

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Friday, November 22, 2013