The Future of Laptops

Where Is the Laptop Industry Heading Toward?

Laptops have seen a decline in growth in recent years, mainly due to the advent of smartphones and tablets. The smaller and almost equally functional devices are gaining market space, and this has spurred the laptop industry to come up with advancements in order to stay up to date.

Acer recently unveiled a floating touchscreen laptop that has been hailed as revolutionary. The Aspire R7 may even be the final frontier of laptops as we know them. Today, about 25% of Americans own tablets. China has recently recorded a 62.5% growth in sale of tablets. By the year 2016, one tenth of the world’s population is touted to own at least one tablet device.

But this isn’t the end for laptops. With newer advancements such as hybrid devices, laptops are trying to match the market trends. The new era is poised to see laptops that will have more functionality and better features to stay more relevant to the market.

With the R7, Acer has included a 1080p touchscreen with the convention keyboard. The 15.6 inch screen can act standalone as a tablet and delivers beautifully. Other manufacturers are also involving themselves in hybrid devices, which are hailed as the future of laptops.

The tablet market has expanded fiercely on the global scale, and there is no doubt about this fact. But the laptop industry is still here to stay. If you want to try out hybrid laptops, then you can rent one from your nearest computer rental service provider.

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