Future of Personal Computers

Undoubtedly, computers are an integral part of everyone’s daily life. Today we have the latest technological gadgets like iPad rentals , smart-phones and notebook computers. May be in future you will be able to send large chunks of data through your Bluetooth and can have smarter accessories. But if you think about the future of computers, what will it be?

It seems that compact version of computers will be designed in future which will help you carry your world in a miniature version of today’s computer. This miniature form, by using the Bluetooth technology, will be able to produce the keyboard and monitor. This pen style version will have a function for handwriting data input, a small projector, a virtual keyboard, camera scanner and a personal ID. These are called P-ISMs and can be connected with each other within a short range using wireless technology. This set of P-ISMs will be connected to internet through cell phone. One can use computers in this way whenever and wherever they want to.

There can be advancement in computer technology which might help in getting connected with any another laptop, computer or flat screen TV within a particular range. The option of using software can also be ignored because, these days, we have online spread sheets, word processors, e-mail, CRM applications and databases. What can be expected is a new wireless system of communication to remove the gap between two users. If this is achieved then people can work from anywhere.

Friday, March 18, 2011