Gaming Is the New ‘In-thing’

DELL Alienware X51

Video games have been very popular among children and teenagers for almost five decades. Whether it is on the PC, PlayStation, or Nintendo, there is a large community of people who take gaming very seriously. Gaming has evolved over the years and now more people are designing new games each day for different platforms. The PC, however, has always remained the most popular gaming experience for any video game fanatic. The combination of the mouse and keyboard has increased the standard at which new games are made.

New games also require a very a good system for them to work properly. This includes having a good amount of disk space as well as having a video and sound card that can support its graphics. Although the PlayStation and the Xbox have impressive graphics, the feeling of playing on a computer is always preferred.

The question that has dawned upon many gamers is, “which PC can suit all my needs, especially gaming?” There are many computers that are being released almost every month, which makes it harder for people to make the right decision. Also with the popularity of mass multi-player online role games (MMORPG), computers that have a good online connection are more preferred for gamers. Another important feature of a gaming computer is that it must have a good internal cooling system, as most of the time, gamers tend to play for hours, which will undoubtedly heat up the system. This is where computer rentals step in as they allow you to fulfill your gaming needs on a temporary basis. The question is, which one should you go for? Here are the top 2 gaming computers that are in the market and are recommended by gamers all around the world.

DELL Alienware X51

When a person talks about Alienware, the first thing that comes to their mind is gaming. Owned by Dell, Alienware is tailor-made only for gaming purposes. It has dimensions of 13-inches by 3-inches which is about the right size for a gaming console. The best thing about this computer is that it gives you the option to have a standard front-on speaker setup or you can connect it to a home theater to a get a more realistic effect while gaming. When it comes to performance, this computer manages to do its best in providing a perfect gaming experience.

The PC runs on the Intel i7-4770 processor which helps run multiple applications without any glitches or flaws. This makes it easy for gamers to play any graphic-rich games available at the moment. Even games that require 1920×1080 videos graphics perform seamlessly on the Alienware X51. Even for games that run on a 60fps cap, the X51 manages to always ensure that the cap is always matched allowing gamers to get the high-definition quality that the developers intended when selling their game. This is definitely one of the computers that you should get on rent, if you are into gaming and expect a seamless gaming experience.

Origin Genesis Mach V

If you thought that the specifications in the Alienware were highly impressive, then you have not seen the Origin Genesis. This PC is definitely the best gaming computer in the market as of now. The laptop was bred in the heart of Miami and is here to take gaming to the next level. The PC is stacked with an Intel i7 2600K processor clocking at 5GHz, which is amazing for any computer (average gaming computers – 3.5GHz–4.5GHz). If that does not impress you, then maybe its 12GB Kingston HyperX 1600MHz RAM, 1.5KW Silverstone power supply, EK Waterblock liquid cooling solution, three GTX 580 graphic cards (SLI), two 64GB C300 SSDS (RAID 0), a 12x BluRay burner, and the 1 TB WD 7200prm drive (Western Digital) with an already installed Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) will definitely change your mind.

When it came to rating the PC on its gaming performance, the Origin Genesis created the benchmark which all gaming consoles should be rated against. It had literally scored the highest marks for any gaming computer on the face of the earth. It had absolutely no difficulty in keeping the fps above 50 for any game that had a 1920×1080 resolution making the textures seem almost realistic. In short, there is no game at the moment that the Genesis cannot handle. After critical game reviewers used the Genesis, there was no turning back, with all the reviewers giving zero feedback with regard to improvement.

The Genesis is the gaming computer ‘god’ and it rightfully comes at the top of the list for the best gaming systems in the world. If you are renting out a computer for the sole purpose of getting the best gaming experience, then you should not even look at any other computer except the Genesis Mach V. The only drawback is, with such high performance, the PC costs close to $6000. This is quite the investment for lifetime tech support and one year hardware guarantee.

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