Growing Businesses Need Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Rentals

A small business starts out with a basic website which attracts a few dozen visitors. In such cases, shared web hosting is enough but as the business grows, so does the website. An interactive, informative and visually appealing website is needed to attract a large number of visitors, which is important for a business to grow. High-traffic websites, with many dynamic software components, placed in shared servers are usually slow, unstable and unreliable. Growing businesses are better off using dedicated server rentals instead.

In a shared server, websites from different clients are placed in a single server unit that are separated by virtual walls. In dedicated servers only a single company’s resources and website is stored. Although renting a dedicated server is more expensive than sharing a server, the benefits far outweigh the extra cost.

A business can customize a dedicated server according to their needs by installing specific applications and operating system, which cannot be done on shared servers. Also shared servers are unreliable due to the different websites and applications loaded which can cause unexpected downtimes. In a dedicated server optimization, load and security is the responsibility of the company that rented it, so the server can be modified to increase reliability and reduce downtimes. Another plus point is that a dedicated server will not have to share its bandwidth with other clients. As a result, a website will be able to handle a large number of visitors as the server can process a large number of requests at top speeds.

The best advantage of placing a website in a dedicated server is that it will not be affected by a virus attack on another website even if they use the same server rental company. Virtual separation and firewalls cannot offer much protection against malicious security attacks on a shared server. A dedicated server is also identified by a separate and unique IP address. This allows the website to work faster as it is easily identified. In a shared server all the websites have the same IP address and identifying a specific website could take a fair amount of time.

A dedicated server also offers faster processing speeds as different client websites do not have to share the same RAM, processors and hard disks. This is especially beneficial to financial and banking

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