Handy and Lightweight Dell XPS All-in-one

An 18-inch Tablet that’s Actually a Desktop

Dell has recently announced an 18 inch all-in-one that is actually a desktop and a tablet rolled into one. The standout feature of this device is that even with such a big screen, it is light enough to be carried around. The specifications of this device are pretty standard with a Pentium 2117U in the low-end model up to a Core i7 Ivy Bridge and a RAM of 4GB or 8GB. But the feature worth mentioning is the thinnest 1080p 18-inch panel available, when compared to other desktops as well as monitors.

Though the market has seen a few other all-in-one computers that transform into tablets, all of them are too chunky to hold and were preferred for desktop use. At 17.7mm thickness and 4.85 pounds weight, the XPS 18 is quite handy. Dell has also claimed that this device has a runtime of about 5 hours, when running on an average workload at 50% brightness, though this might reduce a little bit with real-time usage. It also has a fold out stand, or you can get hold of a charge-on-its-own optional stand. However, it is also quite useful with its back flat on any surface. Surprisingly, its Windows 8 onscreen keyboard is very usable that way.

The lightweight nature of the XPS 18 makes it very functional. This allows you to just pick it up from your table and place it next to the TV, on a kitchen table, or anywhere else convenient. You can purchase the Dell XPS All-in-one on your own or go for computer rental services to use one and take advantage of its features.

Friday, April 26, 2013