How to Choose Between a Tablet and Laptop?

Tablet vs. Laptop

With the advancement of technology, a wide range of options are available to consumers with respect to buying different gadgets for their use. Consumers often get confused when it comes to deciding between buying a laptop or a tablet. Below are some pros and cons of laptops and tablets that could help you to decide which one to buy or rent for your specific use.

Laptops are the first kind of portable or movable desktop computers to be invented back in the 1970s. Today laptops are available in different forms-full-sized, net-book, notebook among others Tablets are the latest devices in the computer market and come with touch-screen displays. They do not require the use of a keyboard or mouse and are much lighter in weight and have a sleek design and structure.

Laptop vs. tablets: Pros and cons

When compared to tablets, laptops are not the latest gadget in the market. However, they still possess certain advantages that make them a preferable choice among consumers. Experts believe that laptops continue to be the ideal choice for buyers looking for a business computer. This is because laptops have the ability to process huge amounts of data without compromising on performance.

Superior performance and multitasking

The use of superior hardware in laptops makes them better at several tasks as compared to tablets. They are also ideal for multitasking purposes as they easily allow the use of several applications at one time. People who require heavy Internet use should definitely opt for a laptop instead of a tablet as it is much faster in processing and downloading sites and data.

Usage comfort and durability

Laptops possess a larger screen and a full-sized keyboard. Therefore they are much more comfortable to use as compared to tablets. Since there is no touch display on most laptops, they are sturdier and less prone to damage by external factors. Their overall build is strong and as compared to tablets, they can handle rough use to a certain extent.

Portability and limited battery life

The primary drawback in a laptop is the lack of portability because they are bigger and heavier than tablets. The other issue with laptops is the limited battery life. Since laptops perform at a much higher level as compared to tablets, even a good laptop would be able to last for about 2 hours while tablets can be used for much longer duration of time without charging.

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Friday, September 19, 2014