How to Make your Computer Quieter?

Make your Computer Quieter

Are you annoyed by the constant hum of your computer and wish you could cut out the noise? First, you need to understand where that noise is coming from. The principal source of noise comes from the motors, and the spinning parts like the CPU fan, the cooling fan, power supply fan and your hard drive. Because modern-day computers are being equipped with faster graphic boards, hard drives and processors, they generate more heat and require cooling. The cooling in turn gives way to the noise.

Replace the fan

One of the solutions to quieting your computer is to get the case fan and CPU fan replaced with quieter ones. The pre-installed ones tend to be noisier, so get an expert to install a big fan so that greater amount of air will be moved at a slower speed, as a result reducing noise. Fans that can adjust the speed depending on the heat are also available.

Clean the computer

Sometimes, the culprit could be a dusty computer. There could be a lot of dust build-up in the heat sinks and the fans, which will make the system hotter and as a consequence noisier. So, use some compressed air and clean your system. If you are not sure about how to dismantle and clean the system, you could get the help of an expert.

The hard drive could be the culprit

The hard drive on your computer could be really noisy, and identifying this noise when the computer is booting is quite easy. Alternatively, you could disconnect the drive and switch on the computer. If there’s no noise, the culprit is surely the hard drive. You could either replace the hard drive or cover it with a removable casing which can make it quieter.

Other causes

Often, the placement of the computer could make all the difference. Have you tried moving it around to see where the noise is lowest? The step is definitely worth trying, and if it works, you can save a lot of trouble. If the system has been placed on a surface such as a floor that is really hard, the vibrations of the computer could cause extra noise. You could put a layer of padding to muffle the noise. Another cause could be as simple as a loose screw on one of the fans or components. Your hardware expert could check this aspect quickly and resolve your problem.

When you are renting a computer from the computer rentals firm, find out if the PC is a loud one before choosing it, if noise is going to be a factor that bothers you.

Friday, October 24, 2014