How Much RAM Do You Need for Your PC?

PC RAM Requirements

RAM is the next most crucial factor after the CPU that determines the performance of your computer. Adding additional RAM can sometimes be more useful rather than getting a new CPU.

Different RAM Requirements

If you notice your computer system operating slowly or constantly accessing the hard drive, it is a sign that you require more RAM. For those using Windows XP, Microsoft recommends a 128 MB minimum RAM. You could encounter several application-related problems when using a 64MB RAM. So, for the most favorable performance, with regards to the typical PC applications, 256MB is usually suitable. When operating Windows 95/98, 32MB of minimum RAM is required; the computer will perform even better with 64MB. As far as Windows NT/2000 is concerned, software experts recommend 64MB of RAM. You can add 128MB or even more for better performance.
Linux users can easily work with merely 4MB, but those planning to get X-Windows and engage in more hardcore work will need 64MB of RAM. A 128MB minimum RAM is needed for Mac OS X operators.

The RAM requirement mentioned for the systems above takes into consideration typical usage. This means operations such as using the Internet, office applications, word processing as well as simple entertainment activities.

However, if you are a professional who undertakes work such as computer-aided design, hardcore data processing, 3-D animation, you would mostly require greater RAM. In addition to this, if your computer acts as a kind of server, you will require more RAM.

How RAM is sold and installed

Generally, RAM is available for sale in multiples of 16 megabytes - 16, 32, 64, 128 and so on. 1024MB of RAM equals 1GB. For instance, if your system currently has a RAM of 64MB and you require minimum 100MB more, you will be adding a 64MB module to it. RAM installation is a fairly simple process. Just do some research and get an idea about the following basic facts:

  • The amount of RAM you already have
  • The amount of additional RAM you want to get
  • Form factor
  • The type of RAM required for your purpose
  • Different tools needed for installation
  • RAM Warranty offered
  • Where the RAM is installed

If you rent computers for your office or any other personal requirement, computer rentals can give you the exact amount of RAM suitable for your purpose.

Friday, September 26, 2014