How Windows 8 Can Benefit Businesses

Benefits of Windows 8 for Your Business

Businesses are not very fond of performing upgrades on the operating systems of their PCs, even when the company is going through good times. This is due to the time-consuming and expensive nature of the process and the need to retrain the workforce. With the exclusion of the ‘Start’ button and the new tiled interface, Windows 8 has scared off IT managers. But if you can look past that as just a minor inconvenience, and want to upgrade or are looking to buy new PCs, there are reasons why you should consider upgrading to Windows 8.

The most obvious reason is the touchscreen interface. Handwritten note-taking, comments in Word documents with digital ink, swipe and touch shortcuts, as well as the tap-and-drag gesture are a few of the benefits that will help increase productivity with Windows 8.

Another feature worth examining is the improved networking options in Windows 8 that streamlines the connections process. Airplane Mode and the addition of tools for cellular network connection or management are other significant features.

Improved dual-monitor support is a feature that will be appreciated by any employee who has to work simultaneously with multiple applications. The improved settings allow you to configure taskbars on each screen, separately, to allow better segregation of work.

Windows 8 has also introduced some security tools to help protect data, like SmartScreen and Secure Boot technologies, and has incorporated Microsoft Security Essential's anti-malware capabilities into Windows Defender.

These benefits are the reasons why computer rental agencies line up Windows 8 based computers. So, you can always test the viability using these services, and with Windows 8, you are sure to be impressed.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013