HP introduces new range of Notebooks and Tablets at a Budget Price

HP had some bad news for those hoping that the Chromebook would be up for sale in the market at an affordable price. The fact is that just like Stream 14, the Chromebook is an expensive laptop. But HP recently announced the launch of its new laptop in collaboration with Windows for $199. There was news earlier about how the company plans to expand its Stream line beyond just the 14 inch laptop device. However, the news doesn’t end at the latest pocket-friendly laptop with an 11.6 inch screen. There is also a 13.3 inch version which is available for $230. Alongside the lower-priced Stream, it boasts of an Intel Celeron processor as well as flash memory of 32 GB.

Along with these notebook launches, two new tablets are also being introduced by HP. They are called HP Stream 7 and 8.

In addition to this pair of notebooks, HP is also introducing two tablets: HP Stream 7 and 8. These tablets have slates measuring 7 and 8 inches respectively. While the HP Stream 7 comes at price of $99, the 8 is priced at $149.

Tablet Computer

HP decided not to share a lot of details regarding the specifications of the devices, but it is hoping to attract customers with its various schemes. These include offering some mobile data free of cost each month and also the opportunity to use Microsoft's Office 365  productivity suite. This would definitely be appreciated by customers.

The various devices announced by the company should be out for sale in the United States in early November. Till then, you can check out images of the products on the Internet and get an idea about their specifications and appearance.

A few important details

Here is some extra information that HP revealed with regards to the new notebooks. Firstly, they both come with 2GB of RAM, Intel High Definition Graphics and also a decent battery that can serve you for almost 8.5 hours.

The tablets on the other hand are equipped with an Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 32GB memory and Bluetooth 4.0. Up till now, the specifications appear pretty good, especially if you take into consideration the comparatively budget pricing offered by HP with respect to these devices.

New range objective

HP’s latest range of notebooks and tablets is primarily designed to compete with Chromebooks with respect to price. The devices are able to offer the same level of performance as a laptop with a well backing operating system.

The latest Stream 11 and Stream 13 are equipped with Intel dual-core Celeron processors and are designed on the basis of the Bay Trail structure. As mentioned before, they will have 32 GB of on-board storage and a 2GB RAM. In addition to this, there will also be an optional touchscreen feature available in the Stream 13 as well as an optional 4G connection.

The price of the 14-inch Stream will be $299 or £183 while the 13.3-inch version will come at a cost of $229.99 or £141. The price of the laptop with the 11.6-inch screen will be $199.99 or £123.

The Stream 7 and the Stream 8 are the two tablets in the new range where the Stream 8 also comes with an optional 4G connection. The Stream 8 obviously has a bigger screen and costs more than the Stream 7 ($149.99). The tablets are equipped with powerful quad-core processors (Intel Atom) and also feature 1366X768 screens.

Services for customers

HP firmly believes that the latest Stream Notebook being offered in its range will be the next big thing in Windows computing. There are some free services and other benefits that HP is offering to its buyers in collaboration with Microsoft. The Stream Notebooks comes with a year-long subscription for the Office 365. In addition to this, customers also get cloud space of 1TB for a year under the OneDrive service of Microsoft. There is also a gift card worth $25 which can be utilized at a Windows Store.

Data Storage

Each month, users will have access to 200MB of data for their device and there is no requirement of a yearly contract to make use of the offer. However, it is vital for users to agree to the service terms put forth by T-Mobile.

The Stream series powered Intel processors will run a Windows operating system and will also have a similar annual subscription with regards to different Microsoft services. In addition to this, they will also get access to 60 minute Skype calls every month. The T-Mobile data scheme will be applicable to the Stream 8 tablet as well which comes alongside the 13.3 notebook.

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Monday, November 3, 2014